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The State Of The Orlando Sentinels


After the disappointing end to the playoffs last year that ended in a fumble at the 1 yard line. The Sentinels are determined to reach the Relocation Bowl once again. They have lost some key players to retirement, such as the dominant Dondi Woods. With the addition of the first round pick, outside linebacker Jared Briggs to fill the position, we can only wait to see what the explosive rookie can do come game time. On the other side will be rookie Bronson McBride. These guys are expected to start right out of the gate so make sure to keep an eye out for them. The one player that has Coach Armstrong's eyes has been the high soaring rookie Tre' Cook. This kid is going to be something special. Running routes like he's a veteran, getting space from the corners, going up and catching contested catches; is there anything this kid can't do? You might see him on special teams as well this year as a returner. In all, the Sentinels added an offensive lineman, a middle linebacker and 2 corners. Which you can see at our team DaddyLeague under With preseason around the corner, Coach Armstrong is very satisfied with the progress of the team. His defense is still as tough as they were when he joined the team. He believes his defense will be in the top 5, if not the number one defense in the AFC. With Wendall DiManche still leading the team as the defensive player of the year, there is no worries for where they should be during the season.

DeAndre Wilkins Jr. who was in the race for the MVP award last year, reigning offensive rookie of the year.. is showing promise that he will be in the running again this year. He has been on point reading the defense and finding the open man. He's making good decisions in the pocket. That's all Coach Armstrong can ask for.

With everything rolling on all cylinders. The Sentinels are looking like a well oiled machine. "We expect the fans to flood the stadium as they have my prior 2 seasons to enjoy an electric season." states Coach Armstrong. And we plan on being there to see it. So, come on out to cheer on your Sentinels! We'll see you there!


Stay tuned to the Sentinels social media accounts for more updates like this from Head Coach Tor Armstrong. And always, make sure to join the website to stay up to date with all the new content that may be posted!

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