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RFL Team Owner(s)
A Team Owner owns/runs the team under contract ownership rules and is in charge of pushing the branding of the team and adding staff members. You can Co-Own a team if you have other to help put up the ownership fee. (Up to only 4 co-owners max) any failure to meet the requirements below will result in instant loss of team ownership. 

- Must own a PC or hire a staff member such as a Head Coach who does
- Must own lastest Madden
- Must pass Ownership interview with Commish
- Must Pay ownership fee for the year (Refer to the Team Tier Standard pricing below)
- If you are new as an owner, you must pay ownership fee in full your first season. (Even if it’s later within the season, full fee must be paid. Once you’ve lasted a year, you can get on a monthly payment fee)

- Must hire a Coordinator at least on one side of the ball. A owner can choose to handle one side of the team but must add a coordinator to do the other. If chosen you choose yourself as a coordinator, you must handle all duties as one or you will have to get someone else.
- Must create/have an official team page made on at least 2 social media accounts with frequent post (At least 2-3 post a week). Ideally Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook.
- Must select Coordinators from Commish’s approved list.
- Must follow all team ownership guidelines which can be found in Owners/Coaches server

- You own an RFL franchise and take part in building the teams culture
- When sponsorship opportunities come you can get a kick back percentage of the sponsorship you land for a team/RFL. 
- Ability to design an Alternate uniform for future ownership week. (Must get approved by Commish to be good enough to wear).
- Will receive money for placing in playoffs. Layout can be found in Owners/Coaches server
- Ability to get in on meetings for potential rule changes and present ideas the league could adopt. (Warning: Don’t expect changes will frequently be made. If Commish isn’t sold on the idea, it will not happen. Don’t be discouraged lol)
- Can appoint yourself as GM to make your own draft decisions


Below is the new tier system for teams when it comes to yearly ownership pricing. For OG coaches that have stayed coaching since last year, their price will stay the same until the next time the league pricing grows. This mainly pertains to new owners that look to take over established team franchises. A new owner must pay their team fee up front and last an entire year before being eligible to get on a monthly payment plan. Tiers can fluctuate from year to year depending on the value of the team which includes (history, quality of roster & team performance)


RFL Team Ownership Tiers
Bronze Standard = $600 (Yearly)
Silver Standard = $800 (Yearly)
Gold Standard = $1000 (Yearly)

ARC Teams
Armadillos (Bronze)
Aviators (Silver)
Bisons (Bronze)
Black Knights (Bronze)
Bulldogs (Gold)
Bulls (Silver)
Celtic Tigers (Gold)
Cougars (Silver)
Dreadnoughts (Silver)
Huskies (Silver)
Miners (Silver)
Pioneers (Bronze)
Red Dragons (Silver)
River Hogs (Bronze)
Sentinels (Bronze)
Voyagers (Silver)

NRC Teams
Barons (Bronze)
Condors (Bronze)
Crusaders (Bronze)
Desperados (Bronze)
Diablos (Silver)
Elks (Bronze)
Explorers (Gold)
Gunners (Silver)
Lumberjacks (Bronze)
Marshalls (Bronze)
Monarchs (Silver)
Shamrocks (Bronze)
Snowhawks (Gold)
Steamers (Gold)
Thunderbirds (Gold)
Tigers (Bronze)

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