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RFL Head Coach
A RFL Head Coach is someone appointed by an RFL Team Owner/Co-Owners that run the team, having the final judgement in terms of Managing coordinators, handling all in-game duties for the team, such as practice & depth chart & more.

- Must own a PC
- Must own lastest Madden
- Must be approved and placed on Commish’s available Coaches list
- Must be selected by an Owner/Co-Owner 

- Must work with coordinator when creating the final playbooks/playbook adjustments. (You can not create the book for the opposing coordinator. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned from your position with that team on a last chance to work with another team. If it happens again, you will be banned from all potential RFL staff positions).
- In charge of selecting in-game team practice duties
- In charge of Team Schemes
- In charge of Depth Chart
- Can be tasked with signing FA’s
- Can be tasked with making trades

- Control over major GameDay decisions for the team, building team culture & fun experience/notoriety as HC with players & community members.
- Can be rewarded some earnings based off playoff placement (100% up to the owner only) 
- Can open the door to potential team ownership if spots are available.

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