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RFL Team Coordinators (OFF or DEF)
A Coordinator controls one side of the ball for a team, creating a custom gameplan/strategy playbook for the team to run. 

- Must own a PC
- Must own latest Madden
- Must be approved and placed on Commish’s available Coordinators list
- Must be selected by an Owner/Co-Owners

- Must Create a team custom playbook depending on which side of the ball you’re a coordinator for. (Must create it on your own. HC’s are allow to give suggestions but if they are doing a majority of the book for you, they will be terminated from their position. There will be random knowledge testing). 

- Can open up position to be a HC in the future 
- Creativity to design a book tailored to a team to fit its scheme & personnel to put the best possible team forward on GameDay’s 
- Can be rewarded some earnings based off playoff placement (100% up to the owner only)

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