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What is the Relocation Football League?
RFL Logo
The RFL is a CPU vs CPU virtual pro style football league that is created with the help of Madden for it's realistic broadcast and gameplay features to give the audience true simulation experience of watching a real life pro football league in the world of virtual reality. The league consist of 32 teams which are the relocation teams madden has offered for the past couple of years since Madden 15. For a look at what relocation teams make up the RFL click on the RFL Teams page to see what teams are in the league and who coaches them. The Relocation Football League uses CPU vs CPU gameplay to bring you realistic competitive broadcast that gives realism rather than user gameplay that for the most part gives the advantage to a certain team which is prohibited. The RFL was created by turning a conference of the NFL on Madden into 16 relocation teams and creating another franchise doing the same, making  two different franchises where the NFC is replaced and the other franchise where the AFC is replaced. During a season after a team in both franchises wins the conference championship, they will play in the RFL championship game called "The Relocation Bowl". For this to happen another franchise will be created with the 2 conference RFL championship teams being recreated and simulated to the Super Bowl in madden where the game will then be broadcasted live with play-by-play commentary like every other livestream game. This league is made to give you the most simulated real life football experience and gameplay presentation. As part of the RFL community you can get involved and join us right now by clicking the
JOIN US tab on the header to receive email notifications from the website. By joining us you have the ability to be a coach or player if you'd like, as well as help expand the RFL by being a recruiter and finding people who may have interest in the league and search Youtube for NCAA Football RTG or dynasty college recruits. If selected to be a coach you will have the full ability to control and make decisions for your team that CFM allows you. You can change up the schemes for your team, season goals,  formation and auto subs, etc. You can also hire your staff as far as O and D Coordinator's if you'd like.  If you want to create your own playbook be sure to create and upload one online in madden if you have the PS4 and contact the RFL with the name of the playbook for us to download and use for your team when they play. The RFL will be in constant contact with those involved in the league to make sure your team is ran the way you want it to be. Uncontrolled coached teams will be controlled by the CPU which is an open spot for those who want to join and controll a team. Thank you for stopping by the RFL website and hope to see you in the future play a part in the RFL community whether it be through a player or as a coach in the league. Do You Have What It Takes To Dominate In The RFL?
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