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Is there a Rhyme or Reason

Red Dragons are still looking for their fist RFL victory this season and it doesn't look like it will come easy as they take on the Miners


Coach Davis has been seen at practice getting into it with his OC and rumors have been swirling amongst the media. adamant that it's not the playbook but the lack of efficiency within the scheme has caused the lack of production and big plays. "We are all passionate about what we do and my first priority is making sure I put our guys in the best position to win every week and that we can do what we do best." That sounds like we may get reintroduced to DJ Scott who through the early part of the season has been nonexistent (36 carries 170 yards 0 TDs). The Miners know what's coming and the Red Dragons may be stubborn enough to still try and make it work.

But Can You Stop The Run

This new look Red Dragons defense is still up to its old tricks of hard hitting tackles, relentless pressure on opposing QBs and causing turnovers.

Despite all that, teams know they have 2 rookies starting up the middle of the defense in DT. Riggs and LB. Watts Jr. Both still have a lot to learn and grow, while also the rest of the defense adjust to the new 4-3 scheme. The retirement of MLB. Derek Williamson in the offseason was not a surprise but the loss has seen to hit this Red Dragons defense in ways that Coach Davis could not have imagined with such a veteran led squad. "Our guys play so hard and I love it but even with a our solid group of veterans that have been here in that defensive meeting room I'm not hearing the communication and leadership they got from the old captain.........someone needs to step up and take the wheel." With the young starters and change in scheme, there has been no fear for teams to run against this Red Dragons defense. We are sure the Miners, Coach Dunn are looking to hit Gold and work to let Manuel and Torres loose to take the pressure off his rookie QB. in Miles McCain.


Tyler Henderson continues to prove that he is a #1 TE and has gotten off to a great start with 13 receptions 108 yards and 2 TDs.

FS. Marvin Burge was talked about this offseason as the weak link on the Red Dragons defense. With rumors of a possible trade or even getting cut, he took it personally, he worked with teammate Celestin on his coverage skills and he now has become the swiss army knife Coach Davis wants. (31 tackles, 1 sack, 1 Fumble Recovery and 2 INTs)

A move late in a career would sometimes crush players confidence and skill level. Not Charles Raymond. The move from 3-4 to 4-3 was based on Raymonds ability to put his hand in the dirt full-time and he has not disappointed. (5 Sacks)

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