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The Red Dragons could not want anything more than to have a short week and be on the RFL big stage to kickoff week 2. It's a Thursday Gameday and the Red Dragons are looking to bounce back after falling to division foe in the Pioneers Week 1.

The Red Dragons and the fans in San Diego welcome in Coach Baxter and his Brooklyn Bulls also coming off a week 1 loss. Despite their loss the Bulls were able to score 29 points unlike the Red Dragons who struggles to put together an efficient offense. The Bulls will hope that new signal caller Devin Wade will pack his 4 TD performance and leave the 5 Interceptions in Brooklyn. The Red Dragons defense had a rough week 1 especially in trying to stop Tomlinson in the running game (29 carries 209 yards 2 TDs) and even with causing 3 turnovers they just could not make the stops when needed.

For the Red Dragons to get their first win of the season they will have to start with not letting HB. David jones get going. Coach Davis stated, "We have a new scheme and some pieces have moved around, no excuses from me at all but I know our guys are ready to make a statement that we are the defense the RFL still should fear." Newest member of the Red Dragons defense that will be tasked with making sure that happens is Rookie LB Don Watts Jr. We were able to catch up with him this week.

What are you most looking forward to in your rookie year with the Red Dragons? The one thing I’m looking forward to is helping this team become a better team and to help make the push to the playoffs and even win the Relo Bowl.

Do you have a nickname? They call me Big Draco

What do you think they liked most about you as a player? I have a high Motor, hit hard and I don’t stop until the whistle blows.

Coach Davis made it clear he wanted to find a guy that could hold down the middle of the defense in the new look Red Dragons defense. Do you think you can fill that role? Yes I do I believe that I’ve proven that in my lone college season and that’s why the Red Dragons chose me where they chose me in the draft.

What do you see as your #1 strength? I would say my hitting power.

What do you expect your role on this team to be this year? To learn from the Defensive Vets on this team and to step up to the plate when my number is called and go above and beyond the team’s expectations for me and be ready when it’s my turn to anchor the defense.

What is something that you feel you need to improve on? It’s always something that I can improve upon but for starters I would say getting off blocks a lot faster and play recognition.

Any goals as far as personal Stat projections or for the team and the season outlook? I did set the record for tackles at UGA in a single season so that would be a start and as for the team I would like us to have a better record than last year and make the playoffs.

Do you have anything you want to say to the fans, teammates, league or RFL community? To the QBs, Running Backs and WR coming across the middle make sure you always know where #52 is at!

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