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Monday Night Mayhem with the River Hogs

This matchup between the River Hogs and Red Dragons will take you back to a Rock vs Stone Could match in the attitude era. Although there is a mutual admiration between the coaches and a respect for each of their teams, make no mistake about it they both want this one bad.

For both teams they are still fighting for a playoff spot in the loaded ARC but also are trying to win the division and keep the defending conference champs and divisional foe the Voyagers at bay. The winner of this contest will have a shot at putting themselves in a position to have the #1 seed in the ARC while the loser will have to bounce back quick to not be on the outside looking in.

The last time these two teams met the River Hogs really came out the gate with a strong defensive effort and jumped to a commanding 19-3 lead heading into the 4th quarter of that matchup. They were able to control the ball and do what they wanted on offense while also being able to limit the amount of possessions for the Red Dragons throughout the first 3 quarters. The 4th quarter saw the Red Dragons try to make a run late but came up just short losing 17-22. Since that week 10 win the River Hogs have lost 2 games and only scoring a combined 3 points in those losses and the Red Dragons have not lost.

The Red Dragons have a bad taste in their mouth from that game and Coach Davis has been preparing his guys for an old school slobber knocker. This game will have no surprises, no tricks or secrets just hardnosed football. The River Hogs will lean on Shivers (290 carries 1,127 yards 8 TDs) to show up against this Red Dragons run defense and trust that McBride can continue to make the plays when called upon to make them and not give the ball up.

Coach Davis will want to establish the running game as well behind DJ Scott and maybe we start to see Savoy use his legs a little more. Even if that is not the case, Savoy has had a great year distributing the ball to his playmakers to allow them to do what they do. Whether a veteran proving they still got it (McIntosh and McClure), young star in the making (Henderson, LaCavalier) or a much-needed QB security blanket (DJ Scott and Obey Kid), everyone in this offense HAS and knows their role. Coach Davis continues to preach that if everyone continues to execute that they are asked to do and believes that is what's best for the team then the sky is the limit for the Red Dragons.

And that' the bottom line, if you smell what they're cooking.

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if you want stone cold Steve Austin to kick some RFL ASS give me a hell yeah


May 19, 2023

great defense by both sides

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