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Something to prove?

All we keep hearing out of San Diego from Coach Davis is “we have a plan.” After a lackluster season where they failed to make the playoffs coming off a Championship year, an inactive off-season (they did acquire HB. DJ Scott to replace CJ Bobo), the Red Dragons needed to make a splash in the draft. With the 13th pick and plenty of solid incoming rookies at there disposal, they decided to trade away their pick for future considerations and loading up on solid depth guys for later in the draft.

With no selections in the first round the pressure was on Coach Davis and the Red Dragons to land some guys that could fit into their system and learn what it takes to be a Red Dragon which means a champion.

In their first 2 picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds they decided to go defense with linebacker Jaquan Taylor-Looby out of Georgia and DE Wiliie Nellie from UCLA. On paper both these picks are considered reaches where they were selected, 2 young development players that will not make an immediate impact this year. But, with an aging linebacker core that has a vast knowledge and skill to unleash on Looby and defensive line thirsty for a solid pass rusher, if they get the time to learn and grow the future could look bright for both these players.

When asked what both were looking forward to most out of the upcoming season and their rookie year with the Red Dragons. Looby, stated “getting out and showing what I can do.” He plans to be like a swiss army knife this year just to fill in where he is needed. Nellie knows his road is tough to get playing time with all the vets and battle for depth but is looking forward to the opportunity at getting to show his ability on and off the field as he feels that he is a student of the game. “I’m gonna be like a sponge and soak in all the knowledge that they have to offer cause my time will come and I’m gonna be ready when that time comes.”

The Red Dragons were said to have the worst draft, these 2 were the guys they selected. We wanted to hear from Coach Davis as to what they liked most about these players and why they were a good fit for this team. Coach Davis stated that with Nellie it was clear they wanted a guy to come in and compete and his work ethic and hustle whistle to whistle was something that drew him in. Nellie agreed “I think one of the biggest things they liked…..You’re gonna get my all.” As far as Looby, Coach Davis was adamant at finding the right piece for his linebacking core. With a solid foundation and a swing guy in Avery Lynn, they were looking for a guy that can come in and development in all areas early on and see where he can grow into becoming special. There is work to be done but Looby felt that with his workouts, mostly his speed is what matched him to the Red Dragons and that if he can improve his knowledge of the playbook and build his awareness that the sky is the limit. “Nobody got to see my speed rushing ability in college because of scheme” said Looby, the Red Dragons and Davis would love nothing more than to have found Looby and Nellie ready and willing to become dominate pass rushers for the future of the defense.

The RFL is a great community and both these players are extremely excited to start their careers in the RFL but also for a great organization and Coach. “This is by far the best gaming community…League first and lets get ready to burn up the RFL.” Stated Nellie and Looby.

“Overall does not mean everything to us in this building, we focus on building a strong culture and program. We understand that we are only as good as our weakest link but we work our tails off to make sure good and well that our weakest link is stronger than our opponents.” Says Coach Davis. When asked about how he felt his draft went and how the guys drafted will fit in with the team, this was his response. We are certain that the Red Dragons will continue to do what they do under Davis but it remains to be seen if the talent selected can develop to continue the dominance that Davis, the fans and the city of San Diego demands of this team and its players.

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