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RFL Top 100: 10-1, The Final 10 are revealed!

Written By: Noah Underhill


10. Marvin Woolfolk OLB Cougars To kick off the Top 10, we go back to the rising dynasty in the ARC, the Chicago Cougars. The Cougars defense was near the top of the league last year and the main man for that team was Marvin Woolfolk. Woolfolk’s statline this year consisted of 78 total tackles, 16 TFLs, and 20 Sacks even. Woolfolk locked up that side of the line and there were not many that were even close to his level.


9. Te'Von Hall RB Desperados What a signing this was. Te’Von Hall came out of the void to become one of the biggest FAs last year and if there were any questions about how he performed, he snuffed them out really quick. Although the team record wasn’t as good as the Desperados hoped, Hall dominated putting up 1,770 yards, 15 TDs and a 5.5 on his yards per carry. He also had 443 yards and 2 TDs receiving which made him the easy choice for NRC RB of the year. Hall is a monster and he is here to stay.


8. Reed Wagoner QB Steamers Remember when Reed Wagoner was forced out of Orlando and was traded for a 2nd, 4th and a decent CB. Yeah, It’s safe to say those days are behind him. Coach Justin Jones couldn’t stop praising his QB when he said “Wagoner is the lifeblood of the Steamers, most of our success directly correlates to him. When he’s off, the whole team is off.” He wasn’t off very much for the Steamers as he racked up 5,373 yards, 43 TDs and 16 INTs in the air. When Miles Kerrigan went down, Wagoner was forced to throw a lot and he did it well enough to snag NRC QB of the year and a pro bowl nod. Once the butt of many jokes, Wagoner has become one of the best QB's the league has seen.


7. Matt Naanee WR Celtic Tigers Matt Naanee isn’t talked about as someone in the top tier of WRs but thanks to some slow or incomplete seasons, he has pushed himself into that area. He was able to grab 91 receptions, 1,575 yards and a respectable 11 TDs putting him above Keith Guyton in both categories. Many people will say that Naanee is great because of his QB but I think it’s a little more symbiotic than it seemed in the past. Naanee is one of the best in the game and that should stop being overlooked in the greater picture of the league.


6. Wendell DiManche DE Sentinels Wendell DiManche is great. He has been dominant since he got here and hasn’t slowed since. I shouldn’t have to tell you this but he really is one of the best in the game. 47 Tackles (79 total), 19 TFLs, 21 sacks, another Pro Bowl and ARC Defensive Lineman of the year gives you all you need to know. Orlando might not have all the players from their great defense still around but DiManche will still be there and someone you can only hope to stop.


5. Garrison Ash FS Elks The word gamechanger is largely over used when it comes to players but Garrison Ash is on the list of players that I would say are in that category. He could stop a drive at any time and change the tide for his team. Ash had a stat-line that no one can touch with 79 solo tackles (115 total), 9 TFLs, 3 INTs, and the unthinkable 18 forced fumbles. The obvious Pro Bowler is not just the turnover machine, but a really good, well rounded player. Ash is one of the best and don’t be surprised when he shows up on the RFL Mount Rushmore.


4. Charles Raymond OLB Red Dragons Charles Raymond is one of the biggest stars this league has ever seen. He has one of the biggest and longest legacies in the league and this year pushed him to the next level. He led the Red Dragons to their second championship and although Anthony Savoy gets a lot of credit, Raymond was the real leader and that defense won them so many games. He had 95 total tackles, 15 TFLs, and had 22.5 sacks. One of the best pass rushers of the generation, Charles Raymond is a man to be feared.


3. Romeo Jackson WR Streamers Romeo Jackson made the leap last year into the top tier of WRs. The combination of him and Reed Wagoner has been amazing to watch grow and become the most dynamic duo in the game. They connected for 90 Receptions for 1,592 yards and 12 TDs. He got a Pro Bowl and was given NRC WR of the Year. I’m excited to see if he can stay on this level in the coming year or if he can even become better.


2. Dre Crowell QB Celtic Tigers I know. I know. You are surprised but you have made it this far in the list so you really shouldn’t be. I spend a lot of time trying to find a way to get people to stop calling Dre the GOAT but I can not deny what he does. He may have the best team on paper every year but he is still one of the most talented guys in the game. He had 5,550 yards, 41 TDs and only 9 INTs. He completed 76% of his passes and we can’t forget that the Celtic Tigers were the number one seed in the ARC. I’m interested to see if he can hold up and give us a great last season and maybe even lock in his legacy with the ever elusive Championship.


1. Isaiah Ingram DE Thunderbirds. Now what’s the reasoning here. Well as good as Dr. Dre was, his numbers are comparable to what the rest of the top QBs did last year. Isaiah Ingram is on another level from every other pass rusher in the league. He had 83 total tackles (56 Solo), 23 TFLs and 27.5 Sacks. No one can come even close to that. We knew Ingram was a star from the minute he came into the league and you can not deny what he has done and what he continues to do as the most dominant player in the game.


This list has been a dream of mine for a long time and I'm so happy that I was able to see it to completion. I can't thank the commissioners enough for giving me this opportunity and sticking with it. I hoped this has helped new guys learn about the league in some way. I'll hopefully be putting out a few more articles before the season begins but until then, thank you for reading.

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