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RFL Top 100: 80-71

Written By: Noah Underhill

80. Antwan Caulcrick TE Condors Caulcrick has been a solid starter for the Condors for a while, and he is very underrated for what he contributes to the team. The 26-year-old veteran had a spectacular year that really should have ended in a Pro Bowl. Caulcrick had 92 Receptions and had 1113 yards with 6 TDs. While he was a bit streaky this year, He had five 100 yards yard games, including a 155 yards performance against the Chicago Tigers. With the injuries Sac-Town had this year, Caulcrick was a reliable weapon to go to when they needed a play.


79. Sheldon Rhinehart CB Voyagers

Rhinehart is one of the top CBs in all of the RFL. He isn’t talked about a lot, but he is someone that the ARC coaches have to work to avoid. He accrued 64 tackles thanks to his fantastic speed and ability to get to the ball carrier. He also had 3 INTs for a decent Voyagers defense. Rhinehart is the lockdown CB in Houston, and Coach Baker is lucky to have him.


78. Maur Rivers DT Barons The rise of Maur Rivers has been something that a lot of people saw coming. Last year's 7th overall pick lived up to the hype this year in a not great Baron's defense. The Big Cheese had 37 tackles last year to go along with his 8 sacks. That performance was enough to get him a spot on the Pro Bowl team. Maur said in interviews that he wanted to be the best defensive tackle in the league even last year, and while there are guys above him, he is moving in that direction.


77. Rashard Sippio DE Marshalls Rashard Sippio is always talked about as one of the top pass rushers and this year was no different. San Antonio’s long-time star had 12 sacks, which is lower than he has had in the past, but it is still a very solid number. It is impressive that Sippio was still able to get so many sacks even though it was clear at times that he had lost a step. The man will be 33 at some point next season and will be depth in Toronto, but it was great to see another great season for him before he eventually calls it a career.


76. Perram Crowe SS Huskies Another guy with so much hype, there were questions early on about if Perram’s game would translate to the RFL, and my goodness, it did. Crowe was an essential part of the Huskies championship team, and even though the team didn’t do as well as expected, Crowe was in top form. He had 58 Solo Tackles and 3 INTs, which helped him on his way to a Pro Bowl selection. Crowe is the guy to watch if the Huskies are to make a come back.


75. Kitt Morrison OLB Barons Kitt Morrison is a guy that the Barons like quite a bit. The kid out of Hawaii has had some excellent games in the league the last few seasons, and this year was probably his best. His 27 TFLs led the league last year, and his 6.5 sacks and 50 solo tackles were enough to get him into the Pro Bowl. He was even a starter for the NRC. Morrison is a star and that isn’t going to change.


74. DeAndre Commings CB Desperados Commings was a force for Austin last year. He may not have made a big splash as far as INTs but he did rack up more tackles than most LBs did last year with 83. He also had 6 TFLs and 1 INT to go along with it. Commings was honored as one of the starting CBs in the Pro Bowl, and you know that he is looking to do that again next year.


73. Glen Devine T Celtic Tigers Another veteran Celtic Tigers player, Devine has been at the top of the list when talking about offensive lineman. A great addition to any running game, Glen Devine is a road grader. He added another Pro Bowl to his career and was a big reason why Tre Worsley and Dre Crowell were as good as they were. The Tigers Offensive line is one of the best and Devine is a big reason why.


72. Demoree Williams SS Celtic Tigers Demoree Williams is a guy that we have gotten to watch grow and flourish in the lucky green. Demoree joined the Pro Bowl starters when he posted a fantastic stat line that included 64 solo tackles, 8 TFLs, and 3 INTs. While the team’s record shows how great the team was, The defense is often forgotten and Demoree was a big part of that. He earned his spot on this list with that amazing season.


71. Reggie Willson TE Celtic Tigers The run on Celtic Tigers doesn’t end here. Reggie Willson is one of the Veterans that the Celtic Tigers were built around. He had a great season that no one could deny, even for an older guy. He retires with another Pro Bowl and the respect of all his teammates and the league players. Watch for this guy to be as a coach because there is not much that can keep this guy away from the field.


There you have our 3rd installment of our RFL Top 100. What do you think about the list so far? Anything you would change? Let us know!

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