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RFL Coaching Jobs Ranked

Noah Underhill gives his opinions on the open Head Coaching positions that remain in the RFL. Give us your opinions in the comments below!


7.) Salt Lake City Pioneers Here we are again. The Pioneers at the bottom of another list. But there are some good things to say about them here. If you take over the Pioneers you basically get to rebuild them in your image. You all get to be the guy (or girl) that turned the woeful Pioneers around. There are some good young players like AC Denton, Pharoh Reigns, and Matt Reynolds. You have a young QB in George McAfton who could be a franchise guy if used correctly. And you have superstar FA signing Andre Tomlinson who could get you some wins now but will be regressing by the time you get to a championship. There is talent here but there is still a long way to go.


6.) London Monarchs Another team that finds their way to the bottom of most of my lists, the Monarchs are beginning a much-needed rebuild. The reason they are above the Pioneers is the upside of guys like Tom Wood, Brandon McCullough, and most of all Donovan Rhodes. I trust that either Preston Schroeder or Russel Basler will be better than McAfton but that’s just my opinion. If you are looking for a complete rebuild, this is the team for you.


5.) Columbus Aviators I don’t have much trust in the Aviators as a franchise. Most of their starters are headed toward 30 and they really don’t have the talent at WR right now. Kingston Kenny and David Pierre will be around long term but there isn’t much beyond that I’m excited about. Even Russel Renes might need to be replaced sooner than we think. If the Aviators can’t bring in great talent very soon, they will be in a tailspin.


4.) Houston Voyagers I’ll always have a soft spot for the Voyagers. Like many other teams on this list, a lot of their players are headed for the big 30 but I can see the talent is there. Preston McGee is the heir apparent to Glen Haye and they have 2 Superstar LBs in Carter Delaheart and Danny Ingram. Sheldon Rhinehart may be their best player right now and he is just entering his prime. They are still quite a few pieces away but I think the future is bright.


3.) Chicago Tigers The Tigers have plenty of solid pieces but they really don’t have much star power. Peyton Vandervelde is solid enough if there is a great team around him. The defense will need a shot in the arm which concerns me in the long term but they have some solid WRs and a great TE in Joey Lott. Donald Brewer and Bryce Madden will be solid for this team but they need more star power to compete.


2.) Mexico City Diablos The Diablos are a piece or two away from competing right now. They have young stars at the skill positions that should be here long term. They come with a super (Although aging) O-Line and a decent defense. William Yost and Gianni Shiloh will be leading that part of the team going into the future. Your main concern would be finding a QB for the future since your current QBs are 35 and 37. A good team but they will need some youthful talent in the next few years.


1.) Dublin Celtic Tigers

You would think a team with Dr. Dre on his last legs would be lower on this list. But from what we have seen from Justin Jones and even Paris Polo, this team has a great future at QB. Keylo Austin and Demorre Williams will anchor the secondary for years to come. This team along with its QB is getting older but I am so confident in Justin Jones that if they get a few new, young players on offense and their defensive line they should be good for a while. You could also burn

it down when Crowell retires and build it back up rather smoothly. They aren’t a perfect situation but they have the most potential at the most potent positions.


What did you think of the list? Let us know in the comments! Are you interesting in taking over one of these teams? We will begin hiring coaches again once Season 5 has concluded. As always, make sure you join our website for updates like this and follow all of our social media accounts to stay up to date with all RFL action!

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