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Red Dragons Report - Final Roster Moves

With the regular season right around the corner, it was time for the Red Dragons to make their final roster moves and they had some tough decisions to make. Coach Davis never likes this day as it reminds him of a time of complete hurt "being a former player and being told that you didn't make the team after giving your blood, sweat and tears to do so.... is a devastating feeling. I want to make sure that all the players getting released this week, that it is not personal and to keep pressing on in your journey."

The Red Dragons were returning almost all starters and even most of their backups that took them on their championship run but after the draft, mini camp and leading into training camp, Coach Davis felt they did not come away with many players that could make an immediate impact so they decided as an organization to make some roster moves to further boost their depth and to increase the competition with some new faces. It was a way for the team to keep a fire lit underneath them and to not lose focus that they are the target this season. Two of the key additions made to spark the competition were LE. Virgil Price (will be moving to DT to backup CJ Corp) and ROLB. Avery Lynn who has had a fantastic camp and preseason. Coach Davis and the defensive staff absolutely love the versatility that both players bring to the defense and there skills set is what was the catalyst in the beginning of the cuts for the Red Dragons. Released from the team were LE. Gilbert Holloman, DT. Dejuan Roberson (never took on backup role to Corp) and in the linebacker room MLBs Harvey Golliday and Hudson Wells as well as special teams standout ROLB. Sherrod Hewitt. Hewitt was probably the most surprising cut as he has development opportunities, he will definitely land on a roster somewhere and make a splash with his pure talent and championship pedigree. Just with him being in the final year of his contract and the additions of SS veteran MLB Frank Burch in the offseason, Avery Lynn in camp and a now healthy and continuously developing Bobby Boucher this unit has gotten even stronger. Which is crazy to say especially since we haven't even mentioned Derek Williamson, Jack Jack Higgins or the reigning ARC DPOY Charles Raymond.

**Other notable Cuts - C. Chase Clifton, SS. Broderick Bellamy, TE. Shakir Compton

Congrats to the players that made the Red Dragons practice squad. Training camp additions CB. Devin Cummins and RTs Oakley, Pierce and Virgil are the only not rookies that will be sticking around to learn the culture and develop on the practice squad. This year rookie class will be much different from the one Coach Davis and the Red Dragons had last year, we saw TE. Weaver, Center Tyler Mendoza, RE. Sams, DT. Dean, FS. Ryan Dawkins and of course Anthony Savoy all get some playing time last season. Whether full time starter, backup depth, special teams contributor, or injury replacement they all saw some time on the field last season. This year only 1 rookie made the 53 man roster and that is 1st Rd pick TE. Tyler Henderson, who has had a tremendous camp and his fit right in with this team.

Rookies making the practice squad

DT. Nicholas Mills (2nd rd)

FS. Floyd Phelps (5th rd)

HB. Desean Waynes (6th rd)

LE. Jalen Carter (3rd rd)

MLB. Brad Olsen (4th rd)

QB. Chris Lucas (7th rd)

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