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Jason Henderson Interview Special: William Yost, Defensive End for the Mexico City Diablos

The second interview has arrived for Jason Henderson, this week he sat down with rookie defensive end William Yost.

Henderson) For starters, how would you say your time as an RFL prospect went?

Yost) I did really good in my prospect game..9 tackles, a tackle for loss and a sack. Those are good numbers to help me prove I can be a dominant RFL edge rusher.

H) Are you Excited to be a member of the Diablos?

Y) I'm really hyped and excited to join this "rebuilding" team.

H) We're you happy with where you went in the draft? Or did you expect to be chosen at another time?

Y) I was happy with where I was drafted at 18th overall, but i expected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round according to mock drafts.

H) How did it feel to have your name called on draft day?

Y) It was really nice being drafted. Wasn't watching the whole day 1 live stream but i saw when i came back after awhile that I had just been taken by the Diablos. I did not expect it, but it happened i guess. I re-watched as I was picked and was shocked at my 83 overall rating and superstar development(i believe it was).

H) What kind of expectations do you have for yourself going into your first season?

Y) It would be cool to win Defensive Rookie of the Year, and even cooler to win Defensive Player of the Year but you have to start at the basics and grow over time. You'll make those mistakes and learn from them. I'd expect AT LEAST three to five sacks and three tackles for loss my rookie year.

H) Do you think you can win any yearly awards?

Y) Of course I can win yearly awards. As I JUST mentioned, I would like to aim for Defensive Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.. though, those are tough to achieve.

H) What expectations do you have for you team this season?

Y) I expect at least 10 wins this year from the Diablos.

H) Do you think you could be a day one starter? Or will you need to work your way up the depth chart?

Y) I think I could be a day one starter, and I know first rounders are projected to get the first day start.

H) Do you think you can make an impact big enough to help win a Relocation Bowl Championship?

Y) Not right away, but I can sure help this defense make our squad at least playoff caliber.

Stay tuned for more Interviews from Jason Henderson. Have anybody in particular you would like him to interview? let us know in the chat to the bottom of your screen and maybe we can arrange one! Also make sure to follow the RFL on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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