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Jason Henderson Interview Special: Kaleb Brown, rookie Quarterback, Brooklyn Barons

Henderson sat down with Barons rookie QB Kaleb Brown this week and talked about the rookie series, his RFL draft experience and his new team the Barons.


Henderson) To start off, how would you say your time as a RFL prospect went?

Brown) My time with the Beats and coach Woods was great, we had such a good connection with each other that we were able to have fun out there, the two picks I threw were not very good throws and when you add the best safety in the draft to that, things are not gonna go very well for you.

H) Are you excited at your opportunity to be a Baron?

B) I was very excited to hear that I'd still be playing for Roland and staying in Brooklyn as well. I know coach Woods believes in me and he'll give me the chance to show the world what i got.

H) Where did you think you were gonna go in the draft? Were you expecting it to be earlier or later?

B) I'm not gonna lie, I did expect to land in the earlier rounds but I guess that didn't work out and I'm gonna have to work as hard as I ever had and I believe that if I train hard enough I can make an impact in the league.

H) How did it feel to have your name called on draft day?

B) It was one of the greatest feelings I ever felt.

H) What kind of expectations do you have for yourself going into your first season?

B) I'm trying not to put my expectations to high because when you do that you take your mind off of just playing the sport you I know Winkler is a top QB in the league and I can't wait to learn from the best.

H) Do you think you can win any yearly awards? Whether it be Best QB, OROY or OPOY.

B) That's the goal eventually, I know it probably won't happen this year but I know that coach has a lot of faith in me for it if something happened to Winkler.

H) What expectations do you have for your team this season?

B) I think that we have the team to make a good run in the playoffs and I'm looking forward to the season starting.

H) Do you think you will be a day one starter? Or will you need to work your way up the depth chart?

B) I think one day I will be a starter, that's the plan. It probably won't happen soon because Winkler is a pretty good QB, if he gets injured or something else happens I think I'll be the guy that Roland will rely on to continue with the team.

H) Will you be the QB to lead the Barons to a Relocation Bowl Championship?

B) If something happened to Winkler I think I could be the one to bring home the chip. It's gonna take a lot of work and dedication but I'm going to push through and make sure we get somewhere close to that chip baby!


Make sure to tune into the RFL preseason to see how Kaleb Brown does in his first action in the league! Also keep tabs on our blog for new interviews and team stories all season long!

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