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Jason Henderson Interview Special: Justin Jones Sr., Memphis Steamers head coach.

For his 3rd interview of this series, Jason Henderson sat down with Memphis head coach, Justin Jones Sr.


Henderson) What are you expectations for you team heading into your second year as head coach

Jones) Hopefully to get to the playoffs this year. Probably the most well rounded roster we've had.

H) Who do you expect to be your standout players?

J) Taylor Mays the linebacker, Caden Blair at CB, rookie Nahshon Richardson at DT and Colton Waxworth.

H) Which of your rookies are you most excited to see?

J) All of them.

H) Where do you see your team finishing this season?

J) Hopefully winning the divison

H) Do you think you can win your division?

J) I wholeheartedly do.

H) Did you install any new game plans this year that you can tell us about?

J) Maybe

H) How many new starters are on your team this year?

J) new starters all on defense.

H) What would you say was your biggest/best move that you made during the off-season?

J) Our draft class

H) Give me one reason why the Memphis Steamers will be season 5 champs.

J) Grit and grind.


That concludes this interview from Justin Jones, stay tuned for more interviews with players and coaches.

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