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Is There A QB Controversy in Brooklyn?


This week the Brooklyn Bulls of the Relocation Football League signed a backup quarterback Tony Wilson. This did not seem like a big signing when it was first announced by Brooklyn Bulls head coach Jeff Melinyshyn, but recently there has been some chatter within the organization that starter Layne Kerney has ruffled some feathers. When pressed about the issue on Saturday after practice head coach Jeff Melinyshyn said “I don’t know who leaking that information. Layne has been doing everything we have asked in practice; he has been our captain and will be for the foreseeable future.” Coach Melinyshyn was very direct with the media when pressed on the issue.

When we got a chance to speak to Layne he was very direct as well, “I knew they were looking for a backup since they only had two quarterbacks here last season. I got the call from coach and he was very open with what he wanted from me. I know I am older now and not in my rookie or first 3 seasons anymore. I am a vet and I know this is a business at the end of the day.”

When Tony Wilson was signed, I heard from sources inside the front office that he was going to be the starter once Layne’s contract is up or once he retires. Wilson is coming off his rookie season and is looking like someone who could contribute to a team right away. In practice this week Wilson was with the first team on all three days. He looked pretty good in his stints as quarterback. This is a story that is definitely going to be fun to watch as the preseason starts up in the Relocation Football League.


Stay tuned to Bull's social media accounts for more team updates and stories! And as always. make sure to follow the website for new content!

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