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Interview with Drew Brewer ahead of RFL Draft.


Jason Henderson: First off, how was your time as a prospect in the RFL?

Drew Brewer: My time as a prospect has been nothing short of amazing, being able to be around such a great prospect group, as well as the mentors in the league teaching me more about football, and just having such a solid community to help through any trials and tribulations has been a blessing.


J.H: How do you feel about your overall performance during the RFL College Series last year?

D.B: Overall I thought I had a pretty good season. I feel like I started off strong, and started to wane off as the season continued. But it was still a good season, I’m proud of my Buckeyes. After the season I went back and watched the tapes for all the games, and I’ve seen my mistakes and I’m excited to be able to work on it going forward.


J.H: What do you feel were your strengths and weaknesses?

D.B: Well I’d say my biggest weakness is just properly executing power moves, the times where it’s worked have been lower than I’d like. As far as my strengths I’d say my biggest one is just my awareness at all times, it helped secure the win in the final seconds of a few games, and I feel that it’s going to help carry me far.


J.H: Where do you see yourself getting drafted this year?

D.B: As some may know, this is my first actual year playing football, I’ve played Rugby most of my life and got recruited to play football my senior year. So going into it, I was ready to lay it all out on the line and hope that I would be in the top 20. Once the season wrapped up and the scouts released their report, to find out I was in the top 5 was mind blowing. So I feel like I’m a shoo-in for a first round pick, but I’m just grateful for the chance to be drafted.


J.H: Are there any teams that you hope draft you?

D.B: Is all of them an answer? No? Fair enough, I’m a Columbus boy born and raised, I started off cheering for the Explorers, and honestly I’ll always cheer for them. But I’ve become a big fan of the Chicago Cougars and the London Bulldogs. So if any of them are interested, I’m ready.


J.H: I know we’re not there yet, but do you think you can win Defensive Rookie of the Year this season?

D.B: I think I definitely have what it takes. We have a lot of amazing defensive players in this draft class, and I have a feeling we are all going to make a splash in our positions. But I believe it’ll come down to [Eric] Stroughter or I for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

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