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Interview with Carlton Scruggs Ahead Of RFL Draft

By Jason Henderson


Jason Henderson: To start off, what did you think of your time as a prospect in the RFL?

Carlton Scruggs: I think it was great, the whole process was fun to go through and I met some really great people.


J.H: What did you think of your performance in the RFL College Series last year?

C.S: I’m pretty happy with it considering my QB who was throwing to me.


J.H: What did you feel were the positive and negative aspects of your play?

C.S: I believe my Route Running and speed are certainly my strengths, but my release off the line of scrimmage could definitely use some work.


J.H: Where do you see yourself getting drafted this year?

C.S: From what I’ve gathered I think I’ll be a 1st round guy, just hope I end up with a world class organization with some fire uniforms.


J.H: Are there any teams in specific that you hope draft you?

C.S: Yeah, I really love the River Hogs, Bison, Thunderbirds, and Snowhawks, all of those organizations got people I think I could really further my development as a player.


J.H: I know it’ll be some time until we find out, but do you think you can earn a starting position with whatever team drafts you?

C.S: I genuinely think I can come in and be one of the most dangerous WR's in the RFL, whatever team drafts me fixin' to get something a little different.

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Jermaine Taylor
Jermaine Taylor
15 de jul. de 2020

👀....did he just throw his QB under the bus......Damn 👨🏿‍💻😅

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