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Draft Spotlight: Michael King

Highlights provided by: Michael King


The 6'1 193 pound safety out of Georgia had himself a standout performance last season. Michael King was one of the main reasons why the Bulldogs were able to maintain the best defense in all of the college series last year. He lead the nation in interceptions last season with 6 as well as having 6 tackles for loss, 9 passes defended, 1 forced fumble and an outstanding 92 tackles playing the free safety spot for his team. King may not be as amazing as an athlete then the other defensive backs in this draft however, King has demonstrated that he has the football IQ to make up for it. No other safety last season could read an offense and opposing quarterbacks like the Georgia bulldog could. He put this on full display when the Bulldogs played the Volunteers where Michael King ended that game with 3 total interceptions. King may not be the first defensive back off the board this coming Thursday but this player deserves all the first round hype he has been receiving. When all is said and done King could end up being the best safety from this class in the years to come if a franchise utilizes him in the right way.

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