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Draft Spotlight: Luke Poore

Highlights provided by: Luke Poore


Luke Poore was the quarterback for the struggling Tennessee Volunteers. The Volunteers would end the college series 2-10, tied for the worst record of any team. Luke Poore had a very inconsistent season finishing with 2,693 passing yards and 14 touchdowns to 12 interceptions, not the prettiest TD to INT ratio. On the ground is where Poore shined with 77 rushes for 751 yards and a touchdown. Going into the RFL Poore will most likely be used as a gadget like player for the early portion of his career, being 6'3 194 pounds gives him a tall lanky frame great for RPO and read option. Poore is not going to be a franchise quarterback anytime soon and will most likely be a journeyman back up for his career. However, Luke is a competitor and it can be found throughout his senior year at Tennessee. While the Volunteers did not come out on top often they were almost always in the game in the 4th quarter thanks to their quarterback. So, while Poore might not be a franchise saver he is someone who will make a locker room better with his fighting spirit and leadership.

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