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Draft Spotlight: Luis Cardenas

Highlights provided by: Luis Cardenas


Luis Cardenas, out of Texas A&M, is one of if not the fastest wide receiver in this years draft. Cardenas put up outstanding numbers for the Aggies in his final season with 948 yards and 6 touchdowns on only 57 catches. It is no secret that the Aggies did not have the best record however, they had by far one of the hardest schedules in the entire college series last season. Playing the SEC along with USC and Texas as well. Cardenas has clearly shown that he can produce against any competition that comes his way. Standing at 6'0 210 pounds the Aggie receiver is a prototypical slot with the speed that he possesses. However, he can easily move to the outside as needed as Cardenas can create great separation at the line of scrimmage. Heading into the draft Cardenas needs to work on his route running ability and develop a more complex route tree. However, do not be surprised to see a franchise take a shot on this Aggie player early in the draft as he has high upside.

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