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Draft Spotlight: Leo Moon

Story and highlights provided by: Leo Moon


Leo Moon is a quarterback with a big arm that has developed his game through hard work and practice to become one of the best signal callers in the nation. Coming out of high school he didn't get all of the attention he was looking for and ended up as a 3-star recruit which limited his options for where to continue his playing career. He decided on the University of West Virginia as his landing spot and picked up right where he left off to try and push them up to the same level as some of the other powerhouse schools in the nation.

Over the next 4 seasons Moon worked incredibly hard to build the school's reputation in the college football world and also to prove to everyone that he was just as good as any of the others that were ranked ahead of him. Leo has said a couple times that he has a massive chip on his shoulder and will continue to carry it into the RFL to once again prove he is the best at his position. Leo Moon ended his senior year with a stat line of 3,679 passing yards, 28 touchdowns and a QBR of 112.39.

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