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Draft Spotlight: James Ramos

Highlights provided by: James Ramos


James Ramos out of Penn State is yet another very talented quarterback coming out of this class. Ramos's last year at Penn State would end him top 10 in yards 4,006, touchdowns 27, and completion percentage 72.97%. Ramos's biggest knock as a prospect is that he will weigh in at 177 pounds coming out of the combine. Even with being 6'1 that can be a huge injury red flag for many franchises that are currently scouting the Penn State quarterback. However, to account for this Ramos one of the best signal callers in of the college series to get the ball out under pressure and not take unnecessary hits. He will need to improve on that even more so as he gets to the next level. As the front sevens throughout the RFL are all more unforgiving then in college. Ramos will be one of many quarterbacks looking to hear his name called in the first two rounds this Thursday and Friday. Lets see which quarterbacks go where.

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