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Draft Spotlight: Jacob McCall

Highlights provided by: Jacob McCall


Jacob McCall was an exhilarating player to watch at Alabama. The 6'0 215 pound lefty quarterback put on a show his senior season, throwing for 4,821 yards on 72.5% completion. He also accounted for 31 total touchdowns; 29 threw the air and 2 on the ground while only having 10 turnovers on the season leading Alabama to a 10-4 record on the season. Looking back at Alabama games throughout last season you can see just how much of their success came from McCall. Alabama lacked a running game which lead to McCall having to win almost every game with just his arm. However, this ended up leading to his benefit as although Alabama lost, he was still able to take the Crimson Tide to the National Championship, showing he has what it takes to lead a team to the promised land. Moving on to his pro potential is where franchises could start seeing some issues. While being an extremely talented player, Jacob has shown off the field issues in the past. Jacob McCall also lacks elite arm strength but was able to make up for it with his vision, this could lead to some sliding in the draft. With the RFL already being saturated with high level quarterbacks scattered throughout all the teams will a franchise take a chance on McCall. McCall has the chance to go in the 1st or 2nd round of the draft but will a franchise take a chance on the Alabama quarterback? We will find out July 22nd.

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