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Draft Spotlight: HB Kyle Finamore


Kyle Finamore was an exciting prospect out of Notre Dame who unfortunately didn't get a chance to show off his talents the best due to the performance of the team and the run getting abandoned during many games where they were behind playing catch up. In the few games that he was able to carry the load he showed that he was capable of doing so, the one question for him is can he do it on a regular, weekly basis? Unfortunately that question will not be answered until he is drafted and given an opportunity. Even in a limited role he was able to rack up 839 yards and 7 touchdowns on 165 carries, averaging over 5 yards per carry for the entire season. Finamore also added a receiving threat for Notre Dame, catching 53 passes for 317 yards and a touchdown. Time will tell if Kyle Finamore ends up being a starting halfback or a role player on a team, but based off his limited play and flashes of greatness in college he is definitely deserving of a shot in the RFL.

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