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Draft Spotlight: HB Amir Williams

Story and highlights provided by Amir Williams


Amir Williams grew up in Bankhead, a dangerous neighborhood on the westside of Atlanta, GA with his 2 brothers Elijah and Khari, and a sister named Keanna. When he graduated from middle school, his mom moved the family to the North part of Atlanta out of fear of her kids getting into trouble. After the move, Amir and his siblings began going to North Atlanta High School where he and his brothers joined the football team and were impressive enough to coaches to all make the team. Despite being only 5'5 and 160 pounds, Amir got the starting spot on the varsity team as a running back while his brothers both ended up starting as defensive ends.

During his freshman year he had 197 carries for 951 yards and 9 TDs. His sophomore season he improved to 212 carries for 1,059 yards and 11 TDs. Williams' had high expectations for his junior season but unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to show what he could do because of an untimely accident that kept him from playing his junior season. Amir returned for his senior year in much better shape due to his extended time off and went off. He had 324 carries for 1,936 yards and 20 TDs setting a school record in both rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. The incredible senior season caught the eyes of many D1 programs who offered him scholarships. He ultimately found his way to the University of Miami after de-committing from Georgia ahead of his freshman year.

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