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Draft Spotlight: DJ White

Highlights provided by: DJ White


The quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes, DJ White. It is no secret that White did not play up to expectations his last year in college at Miami. Finishing bottom 10 in every statistic relevant to quarterbacks with 2,751 yards and 14 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. DJ White was also one of the many scrambling quarterbacks in the series last year with 760 yards on 108 carries with 5 touchdowns. However, with him not being a fully developed passer its hard to see any franchise take a chance on the Hurricane quarterback in the earlier rounds. That does not mean DJ White has no use in the RFL. Being 6'2 205 pounds teams may be able to find special teams roles for him as he tries to develop. Running in the top 10 for quarterbacks in the 40 be on the lookout for DJ to be on multiple fake units.

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