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Draft Spotlight: Cam Perkins

Highlights provided by: Cam Perkins


Cam Perkins running back out of Georgia was by far one of the most electrifying players to watch last season. Viewers could never tell which run was going to be a home run hitter for this Bulldog running back. Perkins solidified himself as the best running back in the series early in the season last year. The Bulldog had almost 500 more yards then the next leading back at 1,913 yards on 360 rush attempts. Perkins also finished 5th in rushing touchdowns with 11 and 2nd in broken tackles with 40. He also had 168 receiving yards with another touchdown on top to put Perkins as the only non quarterback to have over 2,000 total offensive yards on the season. Perkins is a very balanced back as he can run through people but also has the speed and acceleration to burst past the secondary of any defense. Cam is 6'0 189 pounds which works in college. However, at this weight franchises may try to make him more of an elusive back then power as the defensive lines and linebackers in the RFL are far less forgiving then in college. No team in the college series could figure out how to stop this back but lets see if Perkins will maintain this dominance in the pros. Perkins is a top 10 talent in this draft however with him not being at a very valuable position one can only wonder how high will he actually be taken and if any running back will go in the first round.

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