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Draft Spotlight: Ca'i Cash

Highlights provided by: Ca'i Cash


Ca'i Cash is coming into the RFL with something that no other quarterback this year will have, a national championship. Cash lead the Georgia Bulldogs to a devastating 14-0 record during the college series. The Georgia quarterback has the mold that all RFL franchises look for at 6'3 218 pounds. Cash finished his undefeated season 4th in yards at 4,029 and 2nd in touchdowns and QBR with 32 and 120.26 respectively. Ca'i did have the benefit of playing with the best defense in the college series and the best running back last year however that does not take away from his achievements as a signal caller. If Cash can find himself on an RFL team that is only a quarterback away it would not be surprising to see him produce similar results in the pros. Cash's biggest knock as a quarterback is that he can sometimes struggle when taking criticism from coaches. He will also need to work on his deep accuracy as over half of his interceptions came off of deep balls last year. In the end Cash is a high level prospect and will be one of the earlier quarterbacks taken in the draft.

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