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Divisional Playoff Predictions From Noah Underhill

After a pretty good showing last week I’m back for the divisional round to tell you exactly what will happen this week in the RFL. Hear me now, Believe me later, This is where your bets should be.


Celtic Tigers Vs Cougars This is a rubber match for Coach Rob Roby. After taking out the Bull's again in the playoffs they head across the pond to take on Coach Roby’s old team. Dublin is the heavy favorite but the Coug's just have something magical about them. I think this could be an ultimate classic. I have underestimated the Celtic Tiger's in the past so it is only right to underestimate them again. I’m predicting an overtime game with Dublin getting the win. Celtic Tigers 23, Cougars 20


Red Dragons Vs Dreadnoughts

A battle that includes 2 rookie QB's and a lot of questions both ways. The Dragon's D showed up and was the main reason they are in this round. It’s like their championship run except this time they have a triple threat in the backfield. I think that Savoy should overpower Matt Jones in this one and continue this championship run.

Red Dragons 24, Dreadnoughts 14


Thunderbirds Vs Lancers If you saw this match-up before the season you would have put it in Toronto’s favor 10 times out of 10. The problem for the T-Bird's is now LC3 is injured. But Toronto has proved time and again that they can win with anyone wearing their jersey. I don’t believe in Conner Hand or Cade Tausher, but nobody believed in Kyle Bane either and we saw how that ended. The Lancer's proved me wrong last week and they might do it again but I just can’t go against Coach Kozyra and his minions of death. T-Birds 17, Lancers 13


Explorers Vs Marshalls

I may hate the Marshall's and love the Explorer's but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at this with clear eyes. The Marshall's are good but I trust the Explorers defense more than anything the Marshall's have. I mean Agromonte is a solid starter but Defense wins championships and I’m expecting at least 2 picks in this one. And they aren’t all defense as we all know. Worrell is looking better than I thought he would and the Marshall's defense just isn’t gonna be good enough to stop them. No one can stop the Boat and the Marshall's don’t have the personnel to even slow him down. Explorers 28, Marshalls 20


What did I get right and what was horribly wrong? Let me know.

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