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Conference Championship Predictions

This playoff season could not have gone better. These are the 4 best teams (in my opinion) and I feel good about my predictions for last week and this upcoming week. Since this is a little shorter this week, I’m gonna take this opportunity to ask you what you wanna see during the offseason. I do have a plan for a draft-related series but if you have any ideas let me know.


Cougars Vs Red Dragons After the Cougars put a beat down on the Media darling Celtic Tigers, They have become the hot new thing. I will admit it will be very hard to pick against them because I do like them a lot. Both sides of the ball have some great moments and I would be scared to face them. But the Red Dragons defense is unlike any other. I think that they will force Slater into mistakes and will be able to make it very difficult to work. The Cougars also rely on the run which the Dragons a historically great at stopping. This could honestly go either way but I am gonna go against the grain and take a chance. Red Dragons 17, Cougars 13


Thunderbirds Vs Explorers This will be very difficult to pick as well. In the History of the Explorers and T-Birds rivalry, it has only ended up one way. With the subtraction of LC3, it would be pretty easy to pick the healthy team but there is a lot of hesitation in my prediction part of my brain. Cade Tauscher did about as good as we thought. The Explorers’ defense is far superior to the Lancers but I don’t know if it will be enough. But I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna go with my gut and say that my team, The Columbus Explorers will make the Relo Bowl. If LC3 was here this would be a different conversation but this how it happens. Explorers 24, Thunderbirds 20


This is gonna be the toughest round to call and I can’t wait to see these games turn out. What did you think of my picks. Let me know.

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