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Barons Interview: Maur "🍔" Rivers(#74-NT)

With the 7th pick of the RFL Draft, the Brooklyn Barons selected Memphis DT, Maur Rivers. With a new regime working to install a new defensive system, who the defense would be built around was the number one question for Coach Woods and his staff. While Rivers displayed BIG talent, there was another trait that made "Big Cheeseburger" a no brainer for the Barons. "He has a personality that's even bigger than he is! He brings a lot of energy with him on and off the field and it's translated well in the locker room. You see the "juice" he has and how it spreads to the other defensive guys and it shows on the field. He's quickly turning into the emotional leader of our team. We've just got to get him to keep his shirt on!(laughs)" -Coach Woods Though his personality attracts a lot of attention, its his play that might be BIGGER than his hype coming into the season. Rivers currently leads ALL rookies and DTs in TFLs, or as I call them "sacks on run plays", with 9(Nahshon Richardson of the Steamers also has 9 after the Barons' bye week). Though his 1 sack may seem underwhelming, his DEMAND for a double team has increased the success of the players around him, exponentially. The Barons are top 5 in turnovers and run defense, while falling to 6th in sacks over the bye week. Rivers leads ALL DTs with 30 tackles and is 2nd of all rookie D-Linemen(Diego Lizarraga, Jr. Steamers, 31taks). "Usually, first rounders aren't steals. They're supposed to be able to come in and make an impact but, in our meeting rooms we talk about Cheese like he's a franchise QB. Not only did he change our defense, but he's changed our culture. He's helped Yap(#99 Tristan van Rhee, EDGE), Hitman(#42 Kitt Morrison, OLB) and El Capo(#54 Juan Crosby, ILB) really grasp this defense and make big plays. He's the anchor." -Coach Woods

After a monstrous preseason debut and a strong first half of the season, the Big Cheeseburger looks to be setting the tone for a highly celebrated career in Brooklyn. We sat down with our rising star to get his input on his rookie season thus far. How are you doing tonight? I’m doing great thank you. What was it like hearing your name called by the Barons in the draft? The greatest feeling of my life! How would you describe your game as a player? The most athletic DTs in the league and a monster! How would you describe your season so far? I'm having a great season by far for a DT! What is your main goal as a rookie coming into this season? Be the best DT in the league. Are there any milestones you would like to achieve this season? For now I’m wanting to help my team out. Which Barons' game has been your favorite so far? My favorite one when we played against the Thunderbirds. Who is your favorite player on the team outside of yourself? The starting defensive and offensive players. Favorite Jersey: Blue or White White Any Nicknames in the Locker Room? Big Cheeseburger 🍔 With the Barons back in action next week vs the Dublin Shamrocks, we'll get a chance to see Rivers against one of the best rushing attacks in the RFL. "I can't wait to see how he handles the challenge. They're a physical team, but thats exactly how he likes to play. Hopefully his pocket pushing can help push us to our first winning season and a playoff berth." -Coach Woods Stay tuned as we get up close and personal with Barons' Head Coach Roland Woods...

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