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Top 50 RFL Prospects List

Written and Created By: Stephen Forbes and Mitchell OBrien


1. Jermaine Taylor 6’3 320 DT Georgia

Jermaine Taylor is the undisputed best defensive player in the country. No other lineman in the nation gets after the Quarterback like he does. He proves this by having double the amount of sacks then the player in 2nd. His only fault is that he is not consistent when it comes to stopping the run on a down to down basis. Pro Comp - Nathan Schmidt DT Explorers


2. Darryl Johnson 6’3 225 QB Oklahoma

While watching Darryl Johnson play he shows off his excellent ability to read and analyze coverages. He has only turned the ball over 9 times during the season as he utilizes his scrambling ability, his elite arm strength, and decision making to avoid making mistakes. Oklahoma’s scheme limits Johnson’s ability to spread the field as it is a very pro style offense and with the right team in the RFL he can truly come into his own.

Pro Comp - Leonard Corbin III QB Thunderbirds


3. Jacob Reid Jr 6’1 235 MLB Baylor

Jacob Reid flies to the ball every play. He leads the nation in tackles at 166 total on the season. Not many other linebackers come down hill as hard as he does when it comes to stuffing the ball carrier. However, Reid has shown he can be unreliable when it comes to dropping back in coverage. He has one of the lowest pass deflection totals for all linebackers and has yet to record an interception this season.

Pro Comp - Zachary Dombroski LB Armadillos


4. Lito Loso 6’1 202 CB Miami

Lito Loso is the best all around corner in this class. Lito reflects this as he is rarely targeted by opposing quarterbacks and when Lito is he forces an extremely low catch rate. When watching the tape on Loso it shows his ability to quickly understand what route the receiver is running. This also allows him to recognize runs developing as stopping them at the line of scrimmage. Even though Lito is a great corner he lacks pure athleticism and can sometimes struggle to keep up with elite speed receivers. He overcomes this with his attention to details and technique. For Loso to become an elite corner in the RFL he will need to work on his zone coverage so he can be more diverse.

Pro Comp - Xavier Richwalski CB Shamrocks


5. Jake Winkelmann 6’2 175 WR Baylor

No other wide receiver goes up and gets the ball like Jake Winkelmann. Winkelmann can spread defenses thin as he goes up top or through the middle of the field with his elite deep speed. He leads the nation in total touchdowns (outside of quarterbacks). For him to continue doing what he is doing in the pros he will have to expand his route tree. 10 of his 15 touchdowns come off slants or streaks.

Pro Comp - Sylvester Leach WR Riverhogs

6. Chris Braun 6’0 185 WR LSU

Chris Braun is the ideal slot that any team should look for when you have two great WRs as your 1&2 options. Braun has a near perfect release as he can beat nearly any press coverage you put on him. He creates separation off the line and down the field when he is going up for the catch in traffic as he can box you out at only 5’10. Braun has an ability to find any hole in a zone coverage the defense might have left. No linebacker can cover this man. You almost have to assign a safety to cover him when lined up in the slot allowing you to attack deep over the top. Braun also has a route tree like no else as he can run any route the coach could ask of him.

Pro Comp - Keith Guyton WR Huskies


7. Cameron Perkins 6’0 189 RB Georgia

Perkins has solidified himself as the best running back in the nation. He is by far the most consistent back every week when toting the rock. He is on pace to be the first and only Running back to eclipse 1800 yards rushing on the season. Perkins also boasts the most yards after contact in the nation so he is running through tackles refusing to go down. Perkins has a chance to be one of the most dominant backs in the RFL if he can find the right home.

Pro Comp - Sanchez Lawrence RB Condors


8. Samuel Stubbs II 5’9 205 SS Baylor

Stubbs has shown that he is the standout player in the Baylor secondary outplaying his teammates. He is second on the team in tackles and leads the country in total pass deflections and is tied for 3rd in the nation in interceptions. He also is not afraid to come up and play in the box if need be. Stubbs is the total package as a strong safety.

Pro Comp - Jarrell Bech SS Crusaders


9. Logan Russell 6’3 245 MLB Minnesota

Russell is an all round linebacker as he is 2nd in the nation in tackles and has shown exceptional skills in pass coverage along with great run defense. Russell is a good athlete as he can cover sideline to sideline on any given down. Russell has a high motor and a nose for the ball

Pro Comp - AJ Pestock MLB Armadillos


10. Conner Hawk 6’8 340 G Miami

Hawk is a mauler, a road grader, as he continues to carve holes for Amir Williams. Hawk has been a rock in the pass game with his ability to handle the power and finesse moves with ease. He has only allowed 2 sacks this season as he has been perfect the remainder of the season showing great upside in his game.

Pro Comp - Jake Moffitt LT Bulldogs


11. Zamar Scruggs 6’0 208 CB Georgia

Zamar Scruggs is one of the most technically sound DB’s in the nation with his elite speed and his play recognition. He has strapped up WR1s constantly throughout this season with high success as QBs don’t test him often. His biggest weakness is his low end agility as he struggles to flip his hips on breaking routes such as outs and digs routes.

Pro Comp - Gabriel Norman CB Tigers


12. Amir Williams 5’11 205 RB Miami

Amir Williams is by far one of the most elusive backs in the country. Williams raw athleticism is shown on his multiple explosive 80 yard touchdowns. Amir also has an excellent powerback skill set to go along with his running ability in the red zone. As well as being a threat out of the backfield. It is even more impressive that he could come up with these season totals while not being the starter in the first two games. We can all but wonder how his season numbers could have finished with 8 more quarters under his belt.

Pro Comp - Bradley Atogwe RB Explorers


13. Michael King 6’1 203 FS Georgia

Michael King is a rangey safety that can cover in all zones in the deep passing game. As well he is not afraid to play in the box and play man on opposing tight end. King's ability to play the ball in the air is second to none in this class. King's biggest knock is his lack of elite athleticism but his play recognitions and zone skills make up for his speed.

Pro Comp - Jacolby Haskins FS Diablos


14. Ryan LaCavalier 5’11 203 WR Washington

Ryan LaCavalier, is the most sure handed Wide Receiver in the Draft as he finished his senior season with 0 balls on the ground. Something not many can say, he also shows off his deep threat ability as he can stretch the field vertically. As well he is a refined route runner as he can run any routes asked of him. The biggest flaw is his release when facing press coverage and getting up to his top speed.

Pro Comp - Picu McCullough WR Diablos


15. Jacob McCall 6’0 215 QB Alabama McCall is the definition of a leader on and off the field. He finishes the regular season second in passing yards and 5th in passing TD’s along with a QBR of 114.92. The only thing slowing him down is his arm strength. He makes his presence known around the community but his play backs him up no matter where he goes. McCall has led his team to the College Football Playoffs on his back as Alabama has lacked any run game this season. If he falls into the right RFL team he will be a problem for opposing defenses.

Pro Comp - Trey Maison III QB Lancers


16. Dustin Brooks 6’5 319 T Notre Dame

Dustin Brooks is a very underrated player for the Fighting Irish, as he was tasked to guard Alex Jackson’s blindside as one of the few Left handed Quarterbacks in the country. Dustin Brooks did not allow a single sack on the season as he was the only tackle in the country to do so. Brooks is as a mauler in the run game sealing the edge for Kyle Finamore on their outside zone plays.

Pro Comp - Dion Gunn LT Crusaders


17. Alford Walker 6’3 243 OLB Georgia

Alford Walker is the best outside linebacker in the country as he can put pressure on the QB. But most predominantly he is an excellent cover linebacker for the Bulldogs, Walker as well is a great run defender. He leads his team in tackles and TFLs. Walker is an all down linebacker.

Pro Comp - Lewis Roye LB Diablos


18. TJ Metcalf II 6’7 257 Edge Miami

TJ Metcalf II is an edge rusher with high upside as he plays on a loaded Miami defensive line. Metcalf’s play can be best described as hot and cold when Metcalf II is hot, he is an unstoppable force that the QB has to be aware of at all times. Even when TJ’s play goes cold he is still an excellent run defender as he sets the edge to force the running back inside where the linebackers can clean up the tackles. The biggest weakness in Metcalf II play is his lack of a power move as he relies heavily on his speed to defeat the tackle.

Pro Comp - TL O’Neal DE Shamrocks


19. Devon Andrews 6’2 285 DT West Virginia

Andrews is the most complete defensive lineman in the entire class. He finishes the season first in tackles for loss and third in sacks for all defensive lineman. He flies under the radar at West Virginia having amazing teammates around him such as Deshun Evans and Leo Moon. However, Andrews is what holds the West Virginia defense together.

Pro Comp - Mitchell Codn DT Steamers


20. Cai Cash 6’3 218 QB Georgia

Cai Cash is one of the most consistent QBs in the Nation as he led his Bulldogs to an undefeated record on the season. Cai Cash has one the strongest arms in the nation, he can make nearly any throw in the playbook. Cash also has some wheels on him as well so he is a perfect fit in a pro style offense that leans on the play action game. His only knock on Cash is he struggles to hit the deep ball outside, the hashes in the deep game. He as well has great pocket presentations.

Pro Comp - Justin Jones QB Celtic Tigers


21. Jacob Sprinksky 6’5 315 G UCLA

Jacob Sprinksky has been a rock for the UCLA Offense as he has been one of the bright spots as he has neutralized all pass rushers to come his way. He has only allowed 1 sack on the season as well as being a force in the run game opening lanes for Matthew Holman. If he can work on his pull game he could be an electric run blocker for a RFL team.

Pro Comp - Blair Harden RG Snowhawks


22. Drake Sandstrom 6’1 200 RB Michigan

Sandstrom will finish the season 3rd in rushing yards and 1st in rushing touchdowns. Which lands him in pretty elite company on the college level. However, his style of play might not last in the RFL. He plays a lot of second half hero ball for Michigan. A majority of his carries, yards, and touchdowns all come from the second half. He is who Cory Polley turns to when there is nothing else left. Many RFL coaches may find this frustrating but no one can ignore the season he has been able to produce despite playing this way.

Pro Comp - CJ Bobo RB Red Dragons


23. Owen Jack QB Oregon 6’2 210

Owen Jack by far has been the most efficient quarterback in the nation. Ending the season with 34 TD’s and 4 Interceptions. He also finishes the season with the highest QBR of 128. Jack’s biggest flaw may be that he does not risk anything which can lead to losing games because he does not want to push it down the field. Jack is a very detail orientated QB. He takes what is given to him and does not force unnecessary passes which leads to his timid play style. He also is not afraid to take off with his legs when need be.

Pro Comp - Latavien Worrell QB Explorers


24. August Speller 6’5 295 DT Miami

Speller has been one of the best pocket pusher and run stoppers in the league as he is 2nd in sacks and tied for 6th in TFLs. As Speller has been a force up the middle forcing QBs to get out of their throwing lanes having to scramble or take a sack. Speller uses his power to blow past Double Teams on a regular basis.

Pro Comp - Adrian Ottis DT Diablos


25. Xavier Eaves 6’3 210 CB Texas

Xavier Eaves is one of the most electric athletes in the country as Eaves has real 4.3 speed as he stands at 6’3. Eaves has shown his ball skills hauling in 5 Ints and flying around the field making plays; as he had 96 tackles on the season playing great run defense.

Pro Comp - Trey Wilkens CB Sentinels


26. Dan Glisack 6’3 235 MLB Oregon Glisack is a huge bright spot on the mediocre Oregon Defense. He has proven himself to be the best coverage linebacker in the draft this year. Leading all backers in pass deflections at 16. He also racked up over 100 tackles and 15 TFL’s. Glisack may be the most pro ready linebacker in the class. Glisack just needs to show he can compete with the best of them.

Pro Comp - Duke Pascal MLB Huskies


27. Trey Simmons 6’3 230 SS UCLA

Trey Simmons is an excellent box safety as he can play the run but as well guard the deep ball over the top with ease as he stands at 6’3 230. Simmons could move to linebacker at the next level and be a third down specialist with his sideline to sideline ability.

Pro Comp - Ben Starks Jr SS Aviators


28. Javon Cruz 6’6 250 Edge Texas

Javon Cruz has exploded into the season as late for Texas. Cruz is first in sacks for all edge players and fourth overall in the nation at 13.5 sacks. Cruz needs to work on his run stopping ability in the offseason or he will end up only being a pass rush player. He ended up with only 43 tackles and 5 TFL’s coming off the edge which is not something he can write home about. He may be relentless to the quarterback but at the moment that is his only skill set.

Pro Comp - Dillon Culter Edge Explorers


29. Stephen Forbes 6’4 305 DT Baylor

Forbes started off the season quietly as he was held off the stat sheet in the opening weeks. But as the season progressed Forbes found his rhythm in the Baylor Defense as he now sits at 4th for sacks with 12 and and tied 5th in the nation with 16 TFLs on the season. Forbes has shown off a wide range of pass rush moves on the season and has figured out his strengths off the line to get involved in the Run Defense, but most times Forbes job is to eat blocks so his linebackers can blow up the run.

Pro Comp - CJ Corp DT Red Dragons


30. Terrelle Lewis 6’2 316 G Georgia

Terrelle Lewis has been an animal for the Georgia Bulldogs as he has yet to allow a sack on the season. While he stands alone in that stat for Guards, Lewis has been one of the largest reasons in the success of Cameron Perkins running attack this season.

Pro Comp - Joe Griffen LG Elks


31. Emmitt Stockson 6’4 337 T Iowa

Emmitt Stockson has been having a stellar season as he was given the job to protect Kurt Peterson blindside all season. As he has done a great job only to have given up one sack in 12 games as well as the lead block for some of Cleon Markiman greatest runs this season as he sealed the edges for him.

Pro Comp - AJ Clifton LT Explorers


32. Brock Melton 6’2 200 WR Georgia

Brock Melton was the primary receiver for the Bulldogs passing attack. He leads his team in touchdowns with 15, with one in the semi finals which ties him with Jake Wincklmann for first in the nation. Brock Melton shows great deep threat ability along with a superb route running tree.

Pro Comp - Stanley Whitehead WR Bulldogs


33. Connor Baker 6’3 220 SS Texas A&M

Connor Baker is a rangey strong Safety that has great coverage skills at his position as he flies around the field collecting tackles and knocking down passes. The biggest flaw of Baker's game is his lack of run support as he only racked up 2 TFLs on the season as he was in the Deep zone of the field most of the season.

Pro Comp - Sito Torres SS Wizards


34. Justin Yaron 6’1 234 MLB Wisconsin

Justin Yaron has been a quiet assassin as he has been one of the most dangerous linebackers in the country. He is an excellent blitzer and the ability to drop into coverage. Yaron can do anything you ask of him as he is the most balanced backer in the country.

Pro Comp - Nolan Angulo MLB Dreadnoughts


35. Jose Ortiz 6’3 250 Edge UCLA

Ortiz is a well refined speed rusher for the UCLA Bruins as he has racked up 9.5 sacks on the season as well he has shown his ability to stop the run. He has 12 TFLs on the season, Ortiz can become an electric pass rusher if he continues to work his speed rush to defeat tackles with his speed. Ortiz's biggest weakness is his power move as he does not have a counter move to his speed rush.

Pro Comp - Cole Bacon DE Crusaders


36. Jacari Torres 6’3 232 RB USC

Torres is a well balanced back as he shows off his power and has the ability to make a defender miss. He is best described as a Ferrari with Tractor Trailer transmission, Torres will be a great powerback as he is a force inside the tackles.

Pro Comp - Denard Locker RB Cougars


37. La’Quavious Makaveli 6’3 212 WR Washington State

La’Quavious Makaveli is one of the best wide receivers in the country as he shows off his deep ball ability. Makaveli has shown he can run any route asked of him. He is regarded as one of the country's best route runners by many. The knock on Makaveli is his get up and go speed off the line of scrimmage.

Pro Comp - Romeo Jackson WR Steamers


38. Prince Potter 6’1 197 CB Texas A&M

Prince Potter is a player that you don't hear of for all the right reasons as he might not have the interception numbers. However he covers his man and doesn’t get targeted when he does. He is in the wide receivers pocket to knock the ball out or make the tackle on the spot. The Biggest part of Potter's game that he will need to improve is his open field tackling as he needs to break down better.

Pro Comp - John Gibbson CB Steamers


39. Chris Paulk 6’3 215 FS Miami

Chris Paulk is an excellent hybrid safety as he can fit any scheme you ask of him to play. Paulk has played everywhere in the secondary this season and has accelerated in all areas from the box to a deep zone. Paulk has 4 Ints on the season and has 8 PDs as he has been an excellent deep defender as he is one of the fastest safeties in the Country.

Pro Comp - Griffen Whiteside FS Miners


40. Kenny Forrester Jr 6’2 220 MLB Texas

Forrester Jr also known as the Lumberjack as he is known for his plays at the line of scrimmage. He takes out the back’s knees. Kenny Forrester Jr has shown his ability to make big plays when it counts as he is one of the best thumpers in the Country.

Pro Comp - Kenny Summers MLB Monarchs


41. Brady Barrowman 6’7 230 TE Florida

Brady Barrowman is the lone tight end on the top 50 as he has shown to be the most electric big man in the league. He has hauled in 78 catches for 917 yards and 6 TDs. Barrowman has been one of the best blocker in the country as well sealing the edge for Nino IV.

Pro Comp - Malcolm Smith TE Gunners


42. Jason Springs 6’7 336 T Baylor

Jason Springs has been an excellent left tackle for the Baylor Bears guarding Mull blindside; he continues to be a rock for the Bears. Springs have been moving bodies all season for Cody Carter if it's sealing the edge or working up to the second level to get a linebacker to open holes.

Pro Comp - Walker Yates LG Celtic Tigers


43. Cleon Markiman 5’11 206 RB Iowa

Cleon Markiman has been an absolute workhorse this season. He is one of the best to put your head down and plow backs as he has 280 carries for 1420 yards along with 7 TDs. Markiman and Peterson have put the state of Iowa on their back and delivered a Big 10 Championship berth. Markiman is a very eluiseback with breakaway speed.

Pro Comp - Vondray Bryson RB Crusaders


44. James Ramos 6’2 177 QB Penn State

James Ramos was a very efficient quarterback that you can rely on. Ramos has a great arm but doesn’t have the mobility to bring the play action game in. Ramos’s biggest problem is his weight, he is only weighing 177 will be durable enough to be a Franchise guy.

Pro Comp - Tyler Agramonte QB Wizards


45. Charles Turner 6’3 235 MLB Alabama

Turner has been the signal caller for the Crimson Tide defense. As he has been one of the lone bright spots on the Defensive side of the ball for this Alabama team. Turner keeps his teammates motivated to go back out and play their best. Turner always keeps his guys in front of him as he lives in the backfield.

Pro Comp - Stephen Bailey MLB Shamrocks


46. Stefon Harris 6’2 190 WR Oregon

Stefon Harris is a well balanced wideout as he has lined up in the slot and outside as well. He is a true deep threat as he has the ability to take the top of the defense. Harris showed his elusiveness on the jet pass and end-around as he was taking the pop passes to the endzone.

Pro Comp - Carrick Giguere WR Condors


47. Brycen Powers Jr 6’6 245 Edge LSU

Powers Jr has been a very 50/50 edge rusher as he can boom or bust as he can eat your QBs lunch. Then the next game he can be shut down by the tackle. Powers does have a balance pass rush as he uses his power move along with his quick speed rush and takes the tackle off guard.

Pro Comp - James Blackmon DE Wizards


48. Mike Crowder 6’1 196

Mike Crowder came out of nowhere as he put up the most interceptions as he had 6 tied with Michael King. He was a quiet assassin on the Clemson defense; he was on the other side of Ali Melenez as he shut down the wide receivers game after game. Climbing the ranks of the CBs quietly going unnoticed by most.

Pro Comp - Sheldon Rhinehart CB Voyagers


49. Jon Fowler 6’2 230 OLB Baylor

Jon is the second half of the outstanding Linebacking core at Baylor. Fowler has been a great all around player for the Baylor Bears. He leads the nation in TFL’s at 22 and second place happens to be his teammate Jacob Reid with 20. Fowler ends the season with 92 total tackles, 5 sacks, and 9 pass deflections. However, with Reid having over 160 tackles one can only imagine what Fowler could have had. Fowler will be a great run stopping OLB for any RFL team.

Pro Comp - Jesse Newhauser OLB Pioneers


50. DeSean Abass 6’2 180 CB USC

Abass has great size for the corner back position. He can lock down your top wide receiver on a down to down basis. Abass has great intangibles in both man and zone coverage. He also has top level athleticism as he has a nose for the ball as he has 18 plays on the ball 3 of which being turnovers for his defense. Abass profilely well as an outside corner but can be a slot corner in his first couple seasons.

Pro Comp - Parker Brockers CB Bisons


Where did your player come in? Did they make the cut? What do you like/don't like about the list? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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