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Sophomore Slump or Brief Bump in the road?: Year Two Gino Gannon

The Chicago Cougars took a loss against the Red Dragons last Thursday night that has caused some fans and analysts to start to publicly question whether or not Gino Gannon is in a sophomore slump. Others speculate that Coach Roby is having a crisis finding the right scheme to match Gannon. The 1st year quarterback who won multiple league awards last season seems to be off to a terrible start; and leaving some to believe that the Cougars may not even make post season for the first time in years. Gannon’s lackluster performances in the previous 6 weeks of play have been somewhat overshadowed by the toughness and tenacity of the Chicago defense.

Despite a Week 2 beat down to the Huskies; the team played very well against the Bulls, Aviators, and even Red Dragons. Coach Roby has stated several times that he is proud of the team as a whole; but internal sources say he is having all types of emotional outbursts behind the scenes with his Coordinators and players such as Tavon Bryson as they try to find a way to keep Gannon out of trouble and productive. In an interview Gannon stated: “They call the plays and I run them. It seems we are struggling to find a rhythm but I’m seeing some things each week and working with the team to improve them.”

When asked to elaborate on specific issues, Gannon stated: “In my rookie season I had London Lyons out there. Things were much easier with a guy of his talent. But this is football and teams change day to day; week to week, and certainly year to year. This is only year 1 for me and I have a lot to learn. I truly believe the Coaching Staff is passionate about helping me grow as a QB here in the RFL and building upon the team so that we can be in the best position to compete for Relo Bowls.”

To start the season; Gannon has competed 97 passes in 156 attempts. His completion percentage is 62.2 which is down from his 72.6% in Season 6. Gannon has also thrown 7 interceptions which is 3 higher than the 4 total he threw in Season 6. Gannon’s QBR rating has also taken a drop from 113.3 to 78.2. On a positive note, Gannon has passed for 6 TDs and may be on pace to match his 28 TD performance of last year. Likewise, he has only been sacked 12 times in 6 weeks, which is a huge improvement since he was sacked 86 times in Season 6.

Offensively, the Cougars are 9th in the ARC in Total Yards Per Game. 9th in Passing Yards Per Game, 10th in Rushing Yards Per Game.

Defensively, the Cougars have been remarkable and continue to stay competitive in games. Defensively the Cougars are the 9th toughest team to pass on; the 10 toughest team to rush on, and they have 13 sacks and 5 interceptions on the year so far. Can Chitown awaken the former LSU star and live up to the greatness and expectations of their fanbase? The team will we on standby over the next two weeks and return to action in Week 9 to face the Houston Voyagers.

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