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Sit Down Interview with Red Dragons Coach, Corey Davis

Jason Henderson got a couple questions answered from Coach Davis ahead of the Wildcard game. See where the coach sees the team going this off-season as well as what he thinks of his team of the past season.


1. Your team is headed back to the postseason, how well do you think your team will do in the playoffs?

We are here to win it all, but it all starts with the wildcard round and the Sentinels coming to town. It will definitely be a tough battle but hopefully being home will propel us to victory.


2. What are your overall feelings about the Red Dragon's regular season? Complete roller-coaster, starting a rookie QB was definitely a gamble but with Savoy's talent, the weapons he had around and him and our defense when it all comes together it is a thing of beauty.


3. Who do you feel were your top standouts on offense and defense?

On offense the combo of Savoy to Kid really blossomed of late as they put a lot of extra training in but you cannot deny the impact of Bobo and what he means to a young QB. Having him healthy all year was truly a blessing to our team. On defense the captain, Raymond, has been out of this world and his play truly elevated everyone else on the defense from Jack Higgins, everyone across the dline and allowing our secondary to take chances. With him getting to bounce around from playing stand-up OLB, Sub LB at times as well as getting to put his hand down and rush the passer he has done it all for us.


4. Throughout the season, is there anything that you would've done differently? In total no, we have accomplished our goal of winning the division but its not over.


5. I know we're not quite there yet, but what positions do you plan to address as we approach the offseason?

We are always looking to strengthen our lines on both sides of the ball. We also will be looking for a backup QB to Savoy that fits our scheme and a physical nickel corner that can help stop the run and play zone coverage.


6. Staying with the offseason theme, can you say whether or not you plan to resign C Vince Eaton or QB Joey Luigs or will we have to wait to find out?

We would love to have Eaton return with us, signing him in the off-season was huge for us but we do have some young guys who are ready to step in if he decides to play elsewhere or retire. As far as Luigs, we want to do right by him as he has been nothing but a professional by accepting his role this season. We are going to let Luigs get into a situation where he can possibly find a starting role and finish his career playing. If that opportunity does not arise we will welcome back to San Diego with open arms.


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