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Sentinels vs. Black Knights: A Surprise For Sure, But A Welcome One


The Sentinels and Black Knights squared off in a divisional matchup on Thursday night. Here are the main points that became clear to me as the game went along.

The Black Knights are Serious contenders-

From the Beginning of this game, the Black Knights had something to prove. They are usually overlooked by people making predictions and playoff watches but if they continue to play this way they shouldn’t be. Langford Cloud is an MVP candidate if he stays on this tear and the Knights keep winning. He can catch the ball and run the ball and he should be the first thing you should gameplan for when you play the Black Knights. Holden Wolfe was very solid as usual and did enough to win this game. Mike Strongly is a great security blanket and makes Wolfe look better then he is in my opinion. But Wolfe is good enough to win and with a great player in Cloud, they could shock the league.

Sentinels need big plays to win- DeAndre Wilkins wasn’t playing his best today. He will always be hyped and supported by the league but he isn’t always the best player on the field. If it wasn’t for Wendell DiManche and a Special Teams TD, They could have lost by a lot more. None of the offensive talents for Orlando were that great tonight and I think that is more on the Sentinels than on their opponents. Yes, they were missing Tyler McGarity for most of the game and he was doing a lot of good things but you need more than one guy to win. And they weren’t really doing a ton with him. Don’t get me wrong, the Sentinels are still good and they will probably be in the chase but depending on when McGarity gets back.. it will be tougher then at least I expected.


You could look back at this article and say that I jumped the shark on this but I feel like after this game it could be the start of a new story-line in the league.

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