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S7 RFL Draft: Top 10 Tight-Ends

Welcome back to our second section of the RFL Draft Network's top 10 positional breakdowns. This time we are going over this years Tight-End group. This is a very balanced but low end class for this positional. However, there are still decent pickups every where.

1. Zayne Naseer: Georgia

Zayne Naseer is everything you look for in Tight End as he has great hands, great blockers, he’s a tough runner. Naseer has a great ability to get separates off the line and make big-time catches down the field. Naseer has great size for the position, well he isn’t a super athlete he is the best technical tight end.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 246

Season Stats: 52 Catches 660 Yards 5 Touch Downs

2. Brady Barrowman: Florida

Brady Barrowman is our tallest tight end in the class at 6’7. Barrowman has excellent hands and speed as he can stretch the field. Barrowman led the Country in yards for Tight Ends, his best area is across the middle of the field. Barrowman split his time between inline tight end and slot WR as he was asked to do both quite often. In the blocking game Barrowman held his own as he helped seal the edge for Nino IV, Barrowman was also asked to pass protector and he did well in one on ones.

Height: 6'7

Weight: 230

Season Stats: 78 Catches 917 Yards 6 Touch Downs

3. Anthony Frye: Texas A&M

Anthony Frye is a great athlete as he can stretch the field and fly past linebackers. Frye is a solid route runner along with the ability to block down the field. Frye will make you lose sleep trying to figure out how to slow him down. You will need to put a safety on Frye as he will be able to body any slot CB you place on him.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 239

Season Stats: 60 Catches 647 Yards 2 Touch Downs

4. Chandler Godspeed Jr: UCLA

Godspeed Jr is an electric athlete as he can take the top off the defense with his speed. Godspeed has solid hands and route running, Godspeed is a vertical threat if he can develop his blocking then he could be an all-round tight end and be a TE1 for a team. Godspeed was Worth top target and was great over the middle and contested catches.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 255

Season Stats: 83 Catches 808 Yards 5 Touch Downs

5. Mason Dunn: West Virginia

Mason Dunn is a big WR standing at 6’3 235, Dunn lines up inline 80% of the time. Dunn is a great route runner as he creates amazing separates and hands as he can be a nightmare for linebackers and a mismatch problem. In the blocking game, Dunn just doesn’t have that part of his game refined yet. Dunn could be a big slot as he can body corners with his size.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 235

Season Stats: 68 Catches 754 Yards 5 Touch Downs

6. Tyler Dietrich: Ohio State

Tyler Dietrich is a well-molded tight end as he has great hands along with one of the best blockers in the country as he moves people out of the way with ease. Dietrich has a great ability to find holes from the middle and sit to give his QB an option to find quickly. Dietrich can be a great TE2 for a team well he develops into a stronger more defined route runner.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 240

Season Stats: 49 Catches 609 Yards 6 Touch Downs

7. Lucas Butler: Iowa

Lucas Butler is a sleeper tight end as Iowa was known for their run game. When your team is running early and often you have to be a solid blocker. Butler is also a tough runner as he is not afraid to make contact with an LB over the middle and put a DB in the ground.

Height: 6'6

Weight: 250

Season Stats: 71 Catches 637 Yards 6 Touch Downs

8. James Ivanosky: Miami

James Ivanosky is a do-it type tight end as he is secure hands over the middle and blocks well. I wish Miami would have got him more involved. He was great when targeted and he made some big catches for the Hurricanes throughout the season. Ivanovsky brings great upside to a franchise as he can grow into a team's lead tight end.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 250

Season Stats: 47 Catches 553 Yards 5 Touch Downs

9. Dylan Ferguson: Texas

Dylan Ferguson is a hard-nosed downhill runner when he catches the ball. Ferguson has smooth hands as he doesn’t drop the ball when targeted. Ferguson was also good in blocking games as he generated great push in the run game. Ferguson was great down the seam carrying safeties down the field.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 240

Season Stats: 48 Catches 647 Yards 4 Touch Downs

10. Skeggi Thrash: Oklahoma

Skeggi Thrash wasn’t really used at Oklahoma as the Sooners didn’t run any heavy sets and Thrash was often replaced by Nick Basquine out on the field. When used on the field Thrash was a great blocker and was a great big body threat for the Sooners as he could use his speed and frame to box out defenders. Thrash has a limited film which makes him such a mystery of what he could turn out to be.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 251

Season Stats: 33 Catches 295 Yards 2 Touch Downs

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Jermaine Taylor
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