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S7 RFL Draft: Top 10 Offensive Lineman: Interior & Exterior

With the first couple of weeks down in the RFL regular season its time to start spreading some draft knowledge out there. These will come out periodically throughout the season.

Top 10 Exterior

1. Dustin Brooks: Notre Dame

Dustin Brooks is a very underrated player for the fighting irish. Brooks was tasked to guard Alex Jackson's blindside as one of the few left handed Quarterbacks in the nation. He did not allow a single sack all season, as he was the only offensive linemen to achieve this feat. Brooks is also a mauler in the run game sealing the edge for Kyle Finnamore. Height: 6'5 Weight: 319

2. Emmitt Stockson: Iowa

Emmitt Stockson has been having a stellar season as he was given the job to protect Kurt Peterson blindside all season. As he has done a great job only to have given up one sack in 12 games as well as the lead block for some of Cleon Markiman greatest runs this season as he sealed the edges for him.

Height: 6'4 Weight: 337

3. Kevin Hatcher: LSU

Kevin Hatcher is a high-end pass protector as he was a rock for the LSU OLine as he guarded the blindside of Jon Bales in a pass-first offense as the Tigers struggled to get a run game going. Hatcher is a good athlete as he can help all pass rush moves. Hatcher can move guys in the run game.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 329

4. Jason Springs: Baylor

Jason Springs has been an excellent left tackle for the Baylor Bears guarding Mull blindside; he continues to be a rock for the Bears. Springs have been moving bodies all season for Cody Carter if it's sealing the edge or working up to the second level to get a linebacker to open holes.

Height: 6'7

Weight: 336

5. Trevor Picard: Georgia

Trevor Picard was an outstanding Oline man for the Georgia Bulldogs as he played right tackle and faced some great pass rushers and was an excellent run blocker sealing the edge for Perkins in the outside zone game that Perkins excelled in.

Height: 6'7 Weight: 331

6. LaShawn Tate: Alabama

Lashawn Tate was a good tackle for the Crimson Tide as he held down the left tackle spot all season he blocked for McCall keeping him staying upright. Tate shut down speed rushes with his quick feet and technique as they were quiet. Tate struggled most against power rusher they outmuscled him, pushing him back but he kept base under him and McCall got the ball out.

Height: 6'6

Weight: 329

7. Dominick Turman: Penn State

Dominick Turman is a steady-footed left tackle for the Nittany Lions that held up well in the passing game as he faced some great pass rushers and kept them quiet throughout the season both beat by some speed rushers as they just got a better first step off the line.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 321

8. Doug Gafford: Oregon

Doug Gafford played in a quick game offense at Oregon as Jack attacked the quick game often so Gafford didn’t have many deep pass sets this season and when he did wasn’t great at it. Gafford has average mobility in the pulling game and is good in the run game finding the backers at the second level sealing blocks.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 319

9. Mac Page: Oklahoma

Mac Page had a rough go at Oklahoma as he struggled in containing the edge for his back and could not handle speed well as he got blown by often. The upside for Page is he can handle power moves well and can move bodies upfield on inside zone plays could move to guard at the next level.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 317

10. Jordan Smith Florida

Jordan Smith was part of a pretty terrible tackle duo as they allowed many sacks over the season, Smith was a good tackle when it came to the outside zone game he was a great mover in space.

Height: 6'8

Weight: 330

Top 10 Interior

1. Connor Hawk G: Miami

Hawk is a mauler, a road grader, as he continues to carve holes for Amir Williams. Hawk has been a rock in the passing game with his ability to handle the power and finesse moves with ease. He has only allowed 2 sacks this season as he has been perfect the remainder of the season showing great upside in his game. Pro Height: 6'8

Weight: 330

2. Jacob Sprinsky: UCLA

Jacob Sprinksky has been a rock for the UCLA Offense as he has been one of the bright spots as he has neutralized all pass rushers to come his way. He has only allowed 1 sack on the season as well as being a force in the run game-opening lanes for Matthew Holman. If he can work on his pull game he could be an electric run blocker for an RFL team.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 315

3. Terrelle Lewis G: Georgia

Terrelle Lewis has been an animal for the Georgia Bulldogs as he has yet to allow a sack on the season. While he stands alone in that stat for Guards, Lewis has been one of the largest reasons for the success of Cameron Perkin’s running attack this season.

Height: 6'2

Weight: 316

4. Zach Amerson G: West Virginia

Zach Amerson is an excellent run blocker and lead blocker as he led the way for McKoy through pulling and working up to the linebacker. Amerson has a great burst off the line as he makes the first contact in the run game and is a driving force for the Mountaineers. His pass blocking is excellent as well as he shut down his side of the line.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 324

5. Mike Smith G: USC

Mike Smith is an all-around balanced lineman as he handled power and finesse at a high level for the Trojans. Smith was great in both zone and power lead blocking for Torres as he worked up to the next level sealing off the linebackers. Smith has good movement in his pulls as he gets to his spot quickly.

Height: 6'2

Weight: 310

6. Marshall Brown G: Wisconsin

Marshall Brown is an agile guard that can move in space, as Wisconsin used him as a pulling guard quite often in their scheme. Brown can move DTs off the line clearing holes up the middle. As a pass blocker Brown is rarely beaten off the line as he holds a solid base below him.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 321

7. Pete Copeland G: Georgia

Pete Copeland was part of the best o-line in the college series as he helped seal the right side of the line. While watching Copeland he handled speedwell struggled against the Bull Rush as he gets driven back. In the run game, he is very agile and quick finding his blocks and securing the edge for Perkins.

Height: 6'2

Weight: 303

8. Frank Champion G: Miami

Frank Champion is a power lineman as he generates force off the line, he could be a great center as well as he handles the nose tackle at a dominant rate. As a pass blocker, he works well in doubles often can get set off balance when pass setting. Champion has yet to develop a counter move to the club rip that DTs often win on.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 330

9. Pat McNeill C: Clemson

Pat McNeill is an excellent run blocker as he mauls in the run game moving defensive tackles out of the gaps and along with his ability to reach the second level to seal off runs. McNeill pass blocking on the other hand is bad as he struggles to contain both speed rushers and power rushers as he gets blown off the ball and pushed back into his quarterback. McNeill has great upside as a run blocker if he can get his base under him in the passing game you may have a high-end lineman.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 299

10. Parker Gibson G: Texas

Parker Gibson is a big strong body that can play anywhere on the Oline as he stands 6’7 330 pounds. He is an outstanding run blocker putting defensive tackles on the ground. Gibson is great against pure power rush as he holds a solid base against the bull rush but with that solid base comes slow feet as Gibson often gets beat off the line when facing the speed. The best fit would be IOL as Gibson would need time to develop at tackle.

Height: 6'7

Weight 330

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