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🎲Roland the Dice🎲

Hello everyone, this is Roland Woods, Coach of the Brooklyn Barons. I want to start a new segment with you guys that I hope will be a lot of fun and become a yearly event. I'm going to give you my 6 "hot takes" for each conference. Throughout the year, we will come back and discuss how good or BAD my takes have been up to that particular point. At the end of the season, we'll tally it up and see if I can "Roll a 12".

So first I will start by "Roland the Dice🎲" for the AFC:

1. Anthony Savoy will be AFC MVP.

I know, I know. All aboard the hype train! Well, Choo Choo my guy, and call me Thomas! Rookie QB Anthony Savoy has garnered enormous attention from both his Rookie Series performance and his presence in the RFL community. If you tuned to Twitch ( on Monday Night, you were immediately engulfed in that energy. The stadium was rocking and the chat was live. As the kids would say, "It was a vibe". Right on cue, Savoy delivered a performance that kept that vibe flowing early Tuesday morning, and lingering on Wednesday night's podcast. Playing with the reserves, Savoy lead the team to 36 points(19/28 166, 1/0 [48 rush yards, TD]). To watch him make the guys around him better only intensified my need to see him with the first team. With a stout Offensive Line, weapons like McClure and McIntosh to throw to, and CJ Bobo keeping teams honest, "AFC" MVP could be the award we talk about second. Is Savoy the fire that restores the Red Dragons back to ReloBowl form?

2. Pioneers make the playoffs.

When I watched the Pioneers' games last season, I always felt like the odd man out. While everyone bashed their offense, I would think to myself, "This QB would be nice if he had a WR." I may be the ONLY one who thinks this but, George McAfton is a HIGH quality quarterback in this league. I'd go as far to say he will lead the 2nd tier (Borderline Elite) of RFL QBs as we begin the "Changing of the Guards". Well now, my wish has been ANSWERED. Not only did they draft WR Pharaoh Reignz II, they acquired veteran WR Carrington Crowell from the London Bulldogs. However, the biggest pickup is still former Cougar's HB Andre Tomlinson, who will easily relieve McAfton of the pressures of being great. The question is, can the defense at least be average? If so, Salt Lake City should settle into a Wildcard spot.

3. A division winner from last season will have the top (AFC) pick in the upcoming draft.

I won't say names as I'd hate to build any bad blood before the season starts. With the new division realignment and weaker teams building on their identity, I expect to see many new faces in the playoff race late into the season. With the talent of teams in the AFC, going 9-7 could earn you the #1 overall pick.

4. No QB over 30 years of age will make the Pro Bowl.

So much for not upsetting guys on the AFC side(lol), as most of the top rated QBs are on the plus side of 30. You probably can't name 3 under 30 without looking it up (or looking up). Most would assume Deandre Wilkins Jr. is a lock. My second and third QBs were discussed earlier in this article. Kerney will be my alternate, though I'm sure he hopes to be playing in the ReloBowl.

5. Dreadnaughts will play for a playoff berth week 17.

I feel like the AFC will be a close call. I feel San Antonio* has quietly been "smoothing out some rough edges" with the foundation and direction of this team. I feel with Kam Jones at WR, you and I could throw for 3500 yards and 25 TDs. Malcolm Buchanan is on par with KJ and rookie WR Mike Marts is waiting in the wings. Trey McBride should take a GIANT leap this year and lead the Navy out of their troubled waters.

6. Keith Guyton barely cracks 1000 yards.

You laughed at me, didn't you? I know, it sounds like blasphemy to the gods but PLEASE, let me plead my case. Exhibit A: Division. The AFC North is a stacked division. Twice a year Guyton will have to face Keoni Jones, JT Collier and Lynn Mayberry. Exhibit B: Schedule. The Huskies face the AFC West this year, placing Guyton against the talent of Evonte Celestin, Sheldon Rhinehart and Anthony Washington. That's 9 games out of 12 with the straps on him all game. Lastly, Exhibit C: Brady Hutson. Can he prove he's Elite when his go-to guy is unavailable? If he can't get guys around him involved in the offense, Guyton's yards are the least of the Huskies' worries. Can Hutson still lead the pack to the ReloBowl?

There you have my 6 hot takes for the AFC. We'll tune back in around week 4 to see how strong my roll is looking.

-Roland Woods

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