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Roberto DeMoura's First Interview As Black Knights Head Coach.

Written By: Xzavier-RFL Writer


The Black Knights recently hired Roberto DeMoura as their head coach heading into the next season of the RFL, but also there first head coach in franchise history. “It was an honor, I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to learn the league and what it is all about,” DeMoura said. “I want to be able to try and make an impact for the London Black Knights! One of the factors that influenced DeMoura was that he wanted a challenge. He didn’t want to waltz his way throughout the season getting win after win but instead rebuilding a team from the bottom up. DeMoura even had the chance to lay out his expectations for his first year in London. “Myself as a coach wants to get used to the flow of the league, but I also think with the team we have we could definitely compete within our division and amongst the league,” DeMoura said. “I also feel there’s a lot of work to be done regarding the roster to get it to a high level caliber team.” But with a new team comes new challenges and obstacles that DeMoura will have to overcome such as upgrading a young defense that will be tested throughout this season. The Black Knights head coach is looking forward to the task at hand and the teams that the RFL has to offer. “I’d have to say I’m looking forward to playing against any of my division rivals - London Bulldogs, Orlando Sentinels or Dublin Celtic Tigers,” DeMoura said. “Mainly just to get acquainted with what the division has to offer & to see what kind of rivalries could brew up.” Whether you like the Black Knights or not, They will be a team that has the ability to make noise in the RFL and surprise us all, lead by newly hired Roberto DeMoura.


Xzavier recently joined the league as a writer/blogger. Make sure you follow our blog and website for more stories from our newest member to our team. We aim to bring even more RFL stories and news then ever before in season 5. You wont want to miss out!

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