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RFL Top 100: 20-11

Written By: Noah Underhill


20. Craig Chatman CB Shamrocks

When the Shamrocks traded for Craig Chatman, they were looking for a guy that could guide their young team into the future and they got that and so much more. Chatman put forward a great season with 90 total tackles, 5 TFLs, and 5 INTs and gave the Shams exactly what they were looking for in a superstar defensive player. Chatman was their team MVP in my eyes and will continue to be one of their key pieces for the next few years.


19. Glen Haye QB Voyagers

Glen Haye has always been thought of as a second tier kind of QB but he really was on a different level last year and made himself someone to be afraid of. Last year, Haye threw 4,636 yards and 37 TDs with only 8 INTs and was so close to being in the playoffs. Haye has been the leader on and off the field and he is super hungry to be more than just a Pro Bowl sub. Watch out for the Voyagers next year.


18. Denard Locker RB Cougars

Denard Locker has been an elite player for a long time and that didn’t change in his new home. Coach Rob Roby was looking to make a splash and picking up Locker was the thing to do that. He was on fire from the first snap and helped push the Cougars to new levels of good. He had 1,442 yards and 10 TDs on the ground while averaging 5.6 yards per carry. Locker is one of the most consistently great players in the game and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.


17. DeMarco Landolt MLB Explorers

The Explorers defense is in the conversation to be the best in the game and DeMarco Landolt is one of the reasons why. He can do it all. He had 119 total tackles, 9 TFLs, 3 Sacks and 4 INTs. Landolt is the field general that any team would love to have and that’s not just the bias talking. Get ready for more of the same from him for the foreseeable future.


16. Evonte Celestin CB Red Dragons

Championships don’t mean much for some positions in football but if there is one guy that was vital to a championship run it’s Evonte Celestine. He was talked about so much over the playoff run and it wasn’t without merit. He had 70 total tackles, 5 TFLs and 2 INTs in the regular season but that doesn’t tell the full story of how many times QBs ignored his side of the field because they knew he was over there. He was also awarded the Relo Bowl MVP for his big Pick 6. Celestine is the elite of the elite and all CB prospects should be watching him closely.


15. Trey Worsley RB Celtic Tigers

Trey Worsley is another guy that has been on the top of the heap for years now. A key part of the Celtic Tigers, Worsley is almost impossible to stop once he gets going. He racked up a crazy 1,568 yards and 15 TDs on the ground and 492 yards and 3 TDs making catches. He is the perfect piece to any offense but especially with Dre Crowell as his QB. Worsley also got another Pro Bowl to add to his legacy.


14. Brady Hutson QB Huskies

Brady Huston is one of the savvy vets that continue to succeed every year. The team success hasn’t been the same since the championship year, but Hutsons success has been there. He racked up 4,919 yards and 35 TDs while averaging 75% completion rate while only throwing 13 INTs. Toronto owes a lot of their success to Hutson so they should enjoy him while they got him because his successor will not be the same.


13. Tavares Gholston CB Gunners

Rated the top CB by this list, Gholston is a perfect example of what a lockdown corner looks like. He hangs onto you like a Leech and never gives you an inch of space, and like a Ghost, he shows up where you don’t expect him to be to make a big play. He had 87 Total Tackles (54 Solo) and had 6 TFLs. But above all he had 7 INTs which gave him the NRC DB of the year award along with a Pro Bowl.


12. Nathan Schmidt DT Explorers

Nathan Schimidt’s stock has always been high but he has never been better than he was last year. He was the best player on the best defence in the RFL (no bias) and there was only 1 D-Lineman that was better than him. Schmidt had 61 Total Tackles, 15 TFLs and a remarkable 20.5 Sacks. Nathan Schmidt continues to be one of the most ferocious players in the RFL and offences can not figure him out.


11. Keith Guyton WR Huskies

At some points over the last few years I would have put up Keith Guyton and the best player in the game or at least the best non-QB. He is only the 3rd best WR on this list but that isn’t discounting what he has done and how good his year was. Guyton racked up 86 Receptions for 1,307 yards and 9 TDs. A bit underwhelming for the Pack leader but still an amazing year compared to everyone else. If the Huskies can get back to the Postseason push, you know it will be because of theis perennial Pro Bowler.


we are just one week away from revealing the top player based off of Noah's findings. Stay tuned for more news and make sure to subscribe to all social media platforms for all your RFL content!

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