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RFL Quarterback Index

Written By: Noah Underhill


The most popular position in football is the QB. Everyone wants to be one and you usually know most, if not all of their names. And since everyone wants to see it, I will deliver it. This is a ranking of every QB that has a chance to play at some point this year. 45 of the most talented players in the world.



-Preston Schroeder London Monarchs

-George McAfton Salt Lake City Pioneers

This is the bottom of the barrel and that should tell you a lot about the talent in this league. Preston Schroder and George McAfton are often buried by analysts and fans alike for not living up to the expectations that were placed on them. Schroder was attempting to replace Chase Mason in London and McAfton was a first round pick as well as being drafted over community favorite, DeAndre Wilkins Jr. To be fair to these players, The teams they are on are probably the worst situations in the league but it’s still on these two to get their teams out of the hole they are in. They still have a chance to turn things around but someone has to be the worst and these guys are it.



-Joe Torres Oklahoma City Bisons -Matt Jones San Antonio Dreadnoughts -Jake McBride San Antonio Dreadnoughts -Jamea Kause Portland River Hogs -Trey Allen Orlando Sentinels -Luke Trent Free Agent -Ryan Brinker Brooklyn Barons -Kevin Crockett Austin Desperados -Eric Fisher Austin Desperados -Jared Cunningham Columbus Explorers -Billy Johnson Chicago Tigers

These are the guys it just didn’t feel right to place just yet. Some of them have been starters for such a short time and some haven’t started at all. I’ll split them up a little but these guys are all in the same area for now

The Backups

Cunningham, Crockett, Trent, Allen, McBride, Fisher, Kause

I’m not expecting these guys to take many meaningful snaps this year but if things fall right, these guys could find themselves in a very interesting position. Kevin Crockett and Jared Cunningham are behind starters that had an up and down year last year and if it all crashes and burns they could see some time. Eric Fisher, Trey Allen and Jake McBride have started a few games in the past but were overtaken and now have a nice view from the bench. I don’t know what their coaches have in mind but if someone were to get injured or benched mid-season, I could see someone making the call. Jamea Kause will only play if Hunter Mackey refuses to sign or retires at halftime of a game but I’m intrigued for some reason. And then there is Luke Trent who was the Pioneers starter a few years ago. For one reason or another, he hasn’t signed on anywhere but there is that chance that he shows up somewhere but if he does I will be all for it.

The Starters

Torres, Jones, Brinker, Johnson

These four are projected to start day one but I really haven’t seen enough to say what they are gonna be able to do. Joe Torres and Matt Jones have shown real flashes in the games they played last year but now with teams having film on them, I don’t know if they will be as productive as they were in the past. Ryan Brinker started games with the Marshalls and the Barons have put a lot behind him but I will need to see it on the field in this offense. Billy Johnson is a complete unknown to everyone and I’m not even convinced he will be the starter but there is still a lot to be learned about the future of him and the Tigers. If I’m betting on anyone out of this group, it’s Brinker but anyone of these guys could do anything.



Devin Wade - Austin Armadillos

Russel Renes - Columbus Aviators

Devin Holbert - Oklahoma City Bisons

Holden Wolfe - London Black Knights

Timmy Merritt - London Bulldogs

Chum Lee - Sacramento Miners

Hunter Mackey - Portland River Hogs

Joey Luigs - Free Agent

Chase Mason - Austin Desperados

Kyle Bane - Salt Lake City Elks

Most of these QBs are in the same boat. You know what you are gonna get. These are guys that probably won’t drag a bad team to a great record but give them the right roster and you might have something.

The Incumbents

Renes, Holbert, Mackey, Luigs

All four of these guys are in very strange positions. Joey Luigs and Devin Holbert have now been replaced with younger, faster QBs and that leaves Holbert on the bench and Luigs looking for a job. Russell Renes will be in a camp competition with their new rookie QB but even if he does start, if anything goes wrong, he will be looking from the bench too.

The Starters

Wade, Wolfe, Merritt, Lee, Bane

None of these guys have much of a chance to lose their job at this point but they have to really show up if they expect to stay there. Devin Wade seems to have finally evaded both of his backups but now he actually has to produce and make his name mean more than being in a video game. Holden Wolfe is playing the last few years of his career and the Black Knights aren’t in any hurry to replace him. Timmy Merritt, Chum Lee and Kyle Bane are all still relatively young but I don’t think anyone would say they are gonna take another step up from where they are. It’s definitely possible albeit unlikely. All of these guys are gonna have their ups and downs but they aren’t gonna be the biggest reason their team wins or loses games,


Unknowns with Superstar Potential

Marquise Washington - Columbus Aviators

Justin Jones - Dublin Celtic Tigers

Gino Gannon - Chicago Cougars

These three have almost no game experience with Justin Jones getting a few spot starts but I couldn’t put them in the same category as the other unknowns. All three were top 5 picks and it’s almost a foregone conclusion that they will be wreaking the league once they hit the field. Gino Gannon will start day one and has everything in the world going for him. Justin Jones is stuck behind Dre Crowell but he has as much star power as anyone and Marquise Washington will be battling Renes but whenever he does start, should have a profitable season. Of course, there is a possibility that these guys flame out but just looking at the talent they possess, I would highly doubt it.



Layne Kerney - Brooklyn Bulls

Anthony Savoy - San Diego Red Dragons

DeAndre Wilkins Jr. - Orlando Sentinels

Rob Slater - Free Agent

Chase McCoy - Sacramento Condors

Aaron Pritchett - Mexico City Diablos

Latavien Worrell - Columbus Explorers

Trey Maison III - Oklahoma City Lancers

Tyler Agromonte - Orlando Wizards

All of these players could be considered Franchise QBs at some point in their career. There is not much more that connects these guys but I would trust all of these guys to win me a game. Aaron Pritchett and Rob Slater are getting up in years but they have proven that they can get it done when it counts. Layne Kerney and Latavien Worrell have played at MVP levels but have also had some stinkers. Chase McCoy and Trey Maison have also had their ups and downs, just with a bit less success. Tyler Agromonte, DeAndre Wilkins and Anthony Savoy are still very young and they have a lot of room to grow. Thankfully for them they are surrounded by great players so hopefully they will be able to take the next step.



Dre Crowell - Dublin Celtic Tigers

Glen Haye - Houston Voyagers

Ben Wakefield - San Diego Crusaders

Jabre Jackson - Houston Gunners

Tom Wilson - Dublin Shamrocks

Joseph Guidugli - Portland Snowhawks

Reed Wagoner - Memphis Steamers

Leonard Corbin III - Toronto Thunderbirds

All of these guys have MVP potential and some of them have won that award in the past. They all bring something different but when they are on the schedule, you have a couple of sleepless nights trying to figure them out. Jabre Jackson and Tom Wilson were battling for the MVP last season and they have a similar style of play that not many people can scheme against. LC3 and Joe Guidugli had disappointing seasons last year but I’m projecting them back and better than ever. Ben Wakefield and Glen Haye are 2 Vets that have been some of the best QBs since the beginning of the league and that isn’t stopping anytime soon. Reed Wagoner and Dre Crowell were the two best for my money last year and whether Dre slows down or not, both of these guys should put their teams in the best situations to win.


The RFL is at QB saturation with almost all of the league starters being somewhat qualified for their position. Sure, there are plenty of unknowns and a few guys on their way to retirement but this might be the most stacked position I have ever seen. And the league’s history shows you that having the best QB doesn’t always equal team success. If you are looking to submit a player, stay away from QB or you will be riding a bench somewhere. You have been warned.

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