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Red Dragons Report: "Lacking Offense"

After a win over the Voyagers the Red Dragons are confident that they are on their way towards the AFC West division crown but they still have an interesting path to get there starting with a matchup with the River Hogs. Back in the week 5 contest the Red Dragons were held to 79 yards passing but the defense was able to pull the team along for the win that started them on their winning streak since the tough loss to the Celtic Tigers.

Since week 5 the Red Dragons offense has definitely been on a roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs but now feel like they've found their identity and with a supportive and dominating defense by their side (held River Hogs to 9 points week 5) are ready to hold up their end of the bargain. Per the 4/29 RFL Podcast the Red Dragons "don't have what it takes on offense to win if the doesn't show up." This could be true but this team is ready and willing to prove that they can.

A reason and player that is stepping out for his time to shine is Obey Kid. The Kid has had 2 fantastic performances the past couple weeks pulling in 8 catches for 133 yards last week and 5 for 56 yards 2 TDs against the Pioneers

With McIntosh and Compton seeing more touches on the outside the slot and middle has been left open for Kid to make plays. Savoy and Kid are taking advantage of some extra practice reps and training and are beginning to show how dangerous this combo can be for years to come.

After the River Hogs they have to take on the stingy Pioneers looking to play spoiler as we saw them almost upset the Dreadnoughts. Then in week 17 they have a matchup with the Bulls who could be in a must win after having one of the toughest remaining schedules in the league taking on the Black Knights, River Hogs, and Cougars before the matchup with the Red Dragons.

Coach Davis always says control what you can control and they have done so this far during the season. Having won 8 straight, he is not satisfied and hopes the team and fans aren't as well. "We have goals and where we want to be but i always preach one play, one game at a time" says Coach Davis. Look for the Red Dragons to not overlook the battle with the River Hogs and come out firing on all cylinders.


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