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Q&A with Explorers 1st Round Pick Jason Henderson

We sat down with Jason and talked to him about his time as a prospect, his new team and his future expectations. Below are the questions from that discussion:

Q: First things first, how would you say your time as a prospect went?

A: It was a good time being able to watch my player in the Rookie Series games. Everything went smoothly.

Q: Who were some of the teams you thought might draft you before being selected?

A: I thought the Explorers, Snowhawks, Sentinels, or the Barons might of drafted me.

Q: Where did you think you were gonna go in the draft? Were you expecting it to be earlier or later?

A: I was expecting to be a mid-late first round pick or early second.

Q: How did it feel to have your name called on draft day?

A: It felt great, especially after having my previous player go undrafted.

Q: What was your first thoughts about your new team?

A: My first thought about my new team was excitement. The Explorers have a good situation that I feel like I can help improve.

Q: How has the transition from prospect to rookie RFL player gone for you so far?

A: The transition has been great. Especially with Coach Bill being alongside it all.

Q: What kind of expectations do you have for yourself going into your first season?

A: I have expectations to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. I know I wasn't a top round draft pick, but I'm ready to make an impact.

Q: You think you have what it takes to push for rookie of the year?

A: Yes I do. I am a talented player who can get stuff done on the field.

Q: What is your expectation of the team this year?

A: My expectations for the team this year is at least to make the Playoffs. The ultimate goal is to bring home the Relocation Bowl Trophy.

For those who haven't been following the Explorers on social media, Henderson has made an early impact so far throughout his first training camp. We will have to re-visit these answers at the end of the season to see how close he came in predicting his rookie year. Stay tuned for more Q&A's in the following weeks from WR Latavius Austin, RB Darius Young II, WR Adrian Taylor and Assistant Coach Noah Underhill.

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