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Prove it!

Updated: May 26, 2022

The Red Dragons continue this rollercoaster of a season coming off a great team win over the Huskies (38-10) headed into a primetime matchup to end week 10 in the RFL against the 6-3 Sacramento Miners.

Both teams have had impressive wins but also due to lack of consistency have fallen flat at times. This game will be intriguing as we have 2 QBS that continue to try and change their narrative. The Miners Chum Lee does not get much attention for his skill at the position but he has the attributes to be a great QB in this league (90 awareness, 93 throwing power 84 speed with 6’4” frame) and he is looking for the right time to shine and against the Red Dragons defense this can be it. The Red Dragons signal caller Anthony Savoy was once looked at possibly being the leader of the new breed of QBS in the RFL especially after winning the Relobowl in his rookie season. Ever since that game Savoy has not been the same and fans in San Diego continue to wait for the Sensational Savoy to emerge.

This game will go as the QBs do, last week the Red Dragons were able to win going away despite 2 INTS from Savoy and the last time we saw Lee was able to complete 81% of his passes for 262 yards and 2 TDs. Coach Davis and the Red Dragons feel that now is the time for them to hit on all cylinders and this game against the Miners is a must win and that if they want to be included in the conversation of being a playoff team and potential ReloBowl contenders they must Prove It.

Despite losing some key players to injury (also trading DE Mike Luke to the Chicago Tigers) throughout the season The Red Dragons have had guys step up. Veteran MLB Derek Williamson had a diminished role on the defense with Bobby Boucher taking the starting role but with Raymond going down, Williamson has been able to make his veteran presence and leadership felt in being one of the top tacklers on the team (55 Total, 8 TFL). TE. McClure has been on and off the field this year and a move that could have originally been questioned now looks like it was a smart move in the drafting of TE. Tyler Henderson. Henderson came in and followed McClures leadership in how Coach Davis wants the position to be played and with being thrust into the lineup the TE position has not skipped a beat. Henderson has been able to get better as a run blocker and understand his responsibilities and that was one of his weaknesses coming out of Michigan but why his ceiling was so high was his pass catching ability and that he has brought to the lineup while McClure has been down. He has 34 receptions 368 yards 1 TD (4th on the team in receptions).

After seeing Practice this week the receivers being McIntosh and Kid are hoping to have big games and as always look for DJ Scott to have heavy volume but if the Red Dragons want to make a statement Savoy has got to become more consistent and not be the reason the team ultimately gets behind and possible left behind in talks of any hopes of a playoff run.

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