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OTA's Week 1 - First Reactions

With any new boss comes a new operating procedure, and the Bulls are no exception. New GM/HC Doug Baxter made it clear in his pre-practice remarks that he wants to see the talent on-hand at 1 Bullevard before dipping into the free-agency pool.

"The Cupboard is not bare, here. We're not going to the store before emptying the fridge first." To which he quickly added, "Sorry about the food metaphors, I skipped breakfast."

While media availability was limited to the 11-on-11 portion of practice, it was clear that the tempo is up from the get-go compared to last season. While it's too early to say that either side of the ball has an advantage, several individual players popped on both sides of the ball.

David Jones = ⚡

Breaking multiple long runs and two short screens for scores, David Jones looks ready for the regular season on Day 1. Baxter acknowledged RB1's fitness, noting, "It's guys like David that set the standard for the rest of us... myself included."

Layne Kerney = Golden 💪

While noting that the new iridescent gold QB practice jerseys were "pretty slick," veteran QB Captain Layne Kerney was seen slinging the rock, working often to both 2nd year standout Carlos Luzon as well as TE Sedrick Marks.

Marks made a few toe-tappers while Luzon fought for every inch of turf

With all the offense today, it'd be easy to sleep on new DC Albert Torres' ability to dial up the heat, but that would be a grave mistake. The defense was also firing off early/often, and at one point Torres had to reign in both Gabe Stringer + Addison Lyons after a Jack Brown hit de-cleated Sedrick Marks over the middle.

Jack Brown's contact during 11-on-11 may draw a league fine

Kerney was the only QB with success today, as both Tony Wilson + rookie Ricky Vaughn struggled mightily, with a combined 5 INTs between them. After practice, Baxter was pressed on needing another signal caller for camp competition.

"I appreciate what you're asking after, but it's still early. The first few weeks of OTAs can be deceiving. You have to install your systems, and even the best guys are gonna make some mistakes during install."

Maurio Culver high-points his first of 2 INTs on the day

While the session was brief, it was clear that under Doug Baxter, Brooklyn will be fully embracing the "No Bull" mantra.

We'll look to recap activity after the next media-available practice session on Friday. Anything you want us to keep an eye on? #HerdThat #BullsRFL

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