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Note from the Captain

What an absolute whirl wind my career has been. Who gets to be on a professional team that needed one piece to the puzzle to be able to go out and shock the world bringing home a championship? Expectations could not be higher than they were after my rookie campaign. That's what did it to me. Raw talent an extremely potent offense and the support of a fantastic defense to cover for my mistakes really made me look like the next possible face of the RFL. With Crowell aging closer to retirement, who knew what could transpire. One of the things that stuck with me throughout my career was a need to do less with my legs and more with my arm. That’s where things started to spiral for me.

.I spent the entire off season working on my throwing and pocket presence. I worked so hard at not tucking the ball and running that come Season 5 I truly thought that I would be able to prove to the RFL community that I wasn't just a running QB. Unfortunately, I got into my own head. I continued to try to trust the process while my performance stumbled. I went from being a potential future HOF player to being a questionable starter. We missed the playoffs in Season 6, but with another off season, there was no way that I wouldn't turn things around for Season 7. Again, we hit the ground stumbling due to my lack luster performance and by the mid-way point in season 7 I had lost all confidence in myself. I started to even question why Coach Davis was still believing in me.

Here we were with a playoff caliber team and a QB that just couldn't get out of his own way. Well, after season 7 and another year missing the playoffs, I vowed that I was going to do everything in my power to prove that Coach Davis's belief in me was the right call. I decided to stop fighting who I have been my entire football career, Peewee football, middle school football, high school football, college football and now the RFL. Every Championship I won was with my legs changing the way a defense had to play and my offense feeding off of that added threat.

Today, as the beginning of the 8th season for the RFL nears, I bring myself back to my roots. The number 19 isn't just a number to me, it was the number that represented my entire career until I got to the RFL and now it's time to bring my number back and my legs back to remind this league why I was just such a highly touted prospect coming out of college. I am here to show you that my rookie season Championship was not a fluke. Look for the electricity to be back in this stadium, back on this field and back in the hearts of all of us that love the RFL and the San Diego Red Dragons. Welcome back, family, to the RFL and the re-emergence of the number 19 jersey of Anthony Savoy

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