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Marquise Washington to transfer and play out final season after injury.

It was announced today that former LSU star quarterback Marquise Washington has decided he will play out his senior year at the University of Florida this upcoming season. As some may recall, this is the school he first committed to before backing out and heading to LSU. The switch comes just months after the big injury that caused him to miss out on the final 2 playoff games and also help fellow QB Gino Gannon become a household name.

When asked what brought on the transfer Washington had this to say. "I had an amazing career at LSU and I will always consider it home, but after seeing the performance of Gino in the playoffs I felt he deserved his shot to start a full season. As you all know, Florida was the school I first committed to and they have been in my ear since i pulled out of my commitment. I feel this is a great opportunity for both of us and I cant wait to play him and my old team next year."

Those are some pretty humble and noble words from a man that has gone through some very strange situations the last 8 months. The Gators were in a great spot already in terms of talent, they got to the championship game without the play of a top flight quarterback. Add in Washington's arrival and it looks like the rich are getting richer once again.

His decision to stay for a 4th season really shows that he believes in himself and his abilities. Some before him have chosen this route and it didnt go so well for them. But because of this decision we now have even more to look forward to. Now we get to see one of college footballs favorite players, Marquise Washington, return to the field and take on college footballs favorite story in Gino Gannon. Let's not forget that they play for rival schools who were ranked no. 1 and 2 last season as well.

We are still waiting on the official schedule release but we do know for certain that these 2 juggernauts will meet this season. Do they meet a second time? maybe a rematch for the National Championship? I know some do not like a repeat performance but given the circumstances of the situation, I would definitely welcome that rematch with open arms.

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