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Jason Henderson Interview Special: Coach Christian Bacigaluppi

Jason Henderson has a few roles in the league. He was drafted by the Columbus Explorers in the first round this year at Left Defensive End and also has been working closely with RFL Graphics Designer/Commentator Rob Roby to assist the league with graphics as well. Now he has decided to add Interviewer to that resume! With his first interview, he chose new Crusaders head coach Christian Bacigaluppi.


Henderson) What are your expectations for your team during your first season as a head coach?

Bacigaluppi) Well, anything is possible. We have a good team, but do have holes to fill. Looking at the results of last season there were a lot of close losses. Then looking at 1 more win and some tie breakers and the Crusaders make the playoffs...I mean, if I have any confidence in myself & what I can do for this team, then I should expect to make the playoffs. Doesn't matter if it's with home field advantage throughout or as a wild card.

H) Who do you expect to be your standout player's?

B) Dion Gunn may be our best player, but lets face it, it's hard to standout as a lineman. So I think the player with the best chance to is Elijiah Bentley at wide receiver. But then, who knows who we may add in free agency or the trade market.

H) Where do you see your team finishing this season?

B) Playoffs. After that, ANYTHING can happen. Anything less would be a disappointment in myself.

H) Do you think you can win your division?

B) Houston has a heck of a team. I think to win the division we gotta fill holes, play to our strengths and try to hide our weaknesses in order to get it done. The odds of that would probably be different before the start of the season than odds I'd give you now. At least I hope the odds are different & hopefully better in our favor.

H) How many new starters are on your team this year?

B) Anywhere between zero & every position. NO ONE is guaranteed a starting spot. I mean, don't get me wrong, there is a good number of guys who's chances of keeping that starting spot is pretty freakin' good. But I need to see what everyone can do in the system & with each other. Old and new to the team.

H) Give me one reason why the San Diego Crusaders will be Season 5 champions.

B) Hopefully I'm the reason. And I don't mean that in an arrogant way. We have a team that was 5th in offense and a defense that is solid. Question is, can I get the players to fill the holes and can i put together a game plan to get the group we will have week 1, to be successful?

H) Are you excited to be a head coach in the RFL?

B) Very much so. I've been looking for & thinking of an idea similar to the RFL. To find a league like the RFL that is everything I've been thinking and more is fantastic. Not to mention I've been trying to get into a pro video game league for awhile, and although the league is still really in it's infancy, the league has amazing potential for growth and success. I mean, I've only been in here for a month about and the RFL has shown growth, potential and possibility. To be a part of the RFL now is a great opportunity.

H) Will you be the coach to bring San Diego to the playoffs and win their first ring?

B) That's the plan. If anyone is running a team and is like, "nah, I'm not the person for the job". In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin, "If you're not here to be the champ, then you got no business being in here". Although, win or lose, I expect to have a good time. Though winning is such a better time haha.


You can look forward to more interviews from Jason Henderson this season. Keep tabs on news and interviews by joining the website as a member and download the wix app today!

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